7. The Chariot

Take aim, and fire

Remember under card 1, the Magician, we talked about will, and manifestation. The union of inspiration with focused action. The Chariot continues this theme, but here, we’re firmly in the ‘focused action’ stage. (If you’ve ever procrastinated, you’ll know exactly what the opposite of this card feels like!)

The Chariot represents the forward-moving energy that can arise from your sacred focus, if you actively choose it. Knowing precisely where you want to go, and throwing your weight behind that goal. We often see black and white animals pulling the chariot on this card, representing opposing forces, working together for a common goal. Your butterfly mind may want to travel in different directions, you may have a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, but what’s important is that you get all of these opposing energies within yourself travelling in the same direction. Rein in that butterfly mind and get it under your control.

It’s about achievement, especially in that outward, socially appreciated kind of way, but it’s especially about the process, the hard work that this will take.  The Chariot might symbolise a celebrated artist, but it is also about the story behind how they reached that point, the rejections, the failures, and the decision not to quit and instead push onwards, trying again. It was focus that pulled them through, and that is the essence of the Chariot.

In the Wildwood Tarot, this card is renamed ‘The Archer’. It shows a woman pulling back a bow, arrow poised, eyes fixed on her target. There is so much passionate energy in that taut bow. So much intent. It is a magical and sacred thing to take aim in this way. It’s a true commitment and it requires tenacity and self-belief.

It’s all about having a purpose – that intention we saw back in the Magician. You can’t truly focus without “knowing your why”, without being crystal clear on what your aim actually is. In this way, the Chariot can represent the creation of a manifesto, the ordering of ideas so that focused action can then take place.

Advice from the Chariot

There is so much you can accomplish under your own steam, if you can find the strength and clarity to focus. This card wants to help you with that. It reminds you of your courage and your strength, an encourages you to direct your energies towards that goal you hold so dear.

The Chariot often points to battles or obstacles. The road to success is not always easy and you’ll face difficulties and setbacks. But of course, this card urges you on. This is a card of hard work and determination.

This is a no-bullshit card that gives it to you straight: Here’s what it’s gonna take to achieve your goal. It’s going to be hard, and it’s going to take focus. Are you in?

Key words and concepts

  • Focus
  • Focused action
  • Self-belief and confidence
  • Commitment, drive and determination
  • Getting super-clear about your goals
  • Fighting for what you believe in
  • Activism
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Hard, passionate work
  • Courage

Some common symbols

  • Armour (doing battle)
  • Black and white creatures pulling the chariot (focusing opposing energies)
  • Riding without reins (driving forwards by sheer force of will)
  • The chariot itself (movement)
  • Crescent moons