Tarot spreads

An archive of original tarot spreads to answer all sorts of questions

Little Red Tarot Spreads: 
21 Original Tarot Spreads

A 60-page e-book containing 21 of my favourite tarot spreads to cover all kinds of questions, plus all kinds of helpful tips about using and reading cards in tarot spreads, and a guide to creating your own!

PLUS: 23 printable worksheets – perfect for tarot journalling.

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For big questions and turning points

New Year tarot spread

For any time you feel you are ready to begin a new era in your life.

New Year Tarot Spread
New Year Tarot Spread

Your personal compass

A spread to help you find clarity and direction.

Personal Compass tarot spread
Personal Compass tarot spread

Spring cleaning

Clear out the junk under your bed and welcome in some fresh new energy and ideas.

Spring Cleaning tarot spread
Spring Cleaning tarot spread

Relationship tarot spreads

Go Get Her tarot spread

A fun tarot spread to work out ways to make someone want you :)

Go Get Her tarot spread littleredtarot.com

Polyamoury tarot spread

This spread highlights the querent’s personal strengths and provides tools and solutions for poly relationships.



You, me and us

A tarot spread to do in pairs – with a lover, with a friend, with anyone you have a one-to-one relationship with. There’s a short version and a longer version!


When you feel stuck…

Finding your mojo

A quick kick-up-the-ass spread to get you out of a rut.

‘The Bridge’

Look back to where you’ve come from, then forwards to where you’re going in this insightful ‘journey’ spread.

Tapping into your confidence

Look at the roots of your insecurities and overcome these.

Procrastination conversation

Have a chat with yourself about why you’re procrastinating, then do something about it,

Business and project planning

Business elements

Look at the earth, air, fire and water in your business right now, and start bringing them into balance.

SWOT analysis

Find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your business or project.

Tarot spreads for… moon phases

Full moon spread 

Look back to the previous new moon, forwards to the next and where you are in-between.

New moon spread

New moon is a time for clearance, new starts, setting intentions.


Dark moon spread

A simple tarot spread to do at the the new moon.

Howling at the moon

Another full moon spread.

What message are you howling?

Tarot spreads for tarot readers

The reader’s reading

Learn about your unique strengths as a tarot reader.

The deck interview spread

Get to know a new tarot deck by interviewing it!

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