You, Me & Us: A relationship tarot spread

Brooke and Nadine’s matching tats, shared in this post on tarot tattoos.

Sometimes it’s fun to do tarot in pairs!

So here’s a spread for exploring the energy between two people in a relationship.

You could use this for lovers, friendships, colleagues, couples, or partnerships within a poly relationships – anywhere where you have two people relating to each other!

Here’s the full-length spread, and if you scroll down to below that, you’ll find a shorter mini version too.

The spread has three elements:

Me – as in, the querent, the person leading the reading

You – the second person.

Us – the relationship itself – which here is just as important than the two individuals.

Shuffle the cards together, making sure both of you get a good go at those cards and can handle and shuffle them for as long as you/they want.

The Relationship Tarot Spread

Lay the nine cards out in three columns, one row at a time. Start with yourself (‘me’) on the left, then the other person (‘you’) on the right, the the relationship itself in the centre.


1. Me – where I’m at 

  1. What I’m doing or bringing

  2. What I need from this relationship

4. You – where you’re at 

  1. What you are doing or bringing

  2. What you need from this relationship

7. Us – together, right now

  1. Where the relationship is heading

  2. What the relationship needs from both of us

  3. A word of advice.

Short on time?

You can of course do a three or four-card version of this spread, laying out the cards as follows:


1. You

2. Me

3. Us

4. Advice (optional)

That’s it! Have fun :)

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  1. I just did this (short version) for advice on an ex friend who just contacted me and got the king of pentacles for the friend (who is like the opposite of all that), queen of cups for me and the devil for the advice. Helpful as I think about composing the email response to her strange message !

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