Free ‘seconds’ decks for healing justice

Are you part of a queer witchy group? Organising a fundraiser? In need of tarot decks for a social/spiritual/healing justice project?

Sometimes our stock gets damaged in transit to us. The cards inside are fine, but the boxes have received bumps, making them unsaleable through the shop.

I am constantly wondering what on earth I can do with these decks to ensure they don’t go to waste. I have no desire to profit from them (normally I’m able to get replacements or compensation from the sender). Often I give them away or send to folks organising healing justice projects, fundraising events for projects I support, witchy groups, or marginalised bloggers looking for items to review.

Would you like decks for your group, project, or fundraiser?

The deal:

  1. Email and let me know a little about your group/event/project and what you’re looking for. Please note I can’t support every project! I proritise projects that directly benefit people of colour and my queer family.
  2. Let me know which decks you’re interested in (list below of currently available titles, though there are others too) and the sort of numbers you need.
  3. I’ll put together a package for you and let you know the postage.
  4. You’ll pay the postage and I’ll get it shipped off! (If you can’t afford postage, let me know this too – we can probably figure something out ;))


We currently have (in various numbers):

Decks are currently being used for our Isolation Tarot Love Packs, so we are not maintaining a list here. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss decks for your project :)