Sasuraibito Tarot Deck & Guidebook


An original, colourful tarot deck for the curious wanderer, complete with guidebook, by Stasia Burrington.

Eighth printing.

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A colourful, accessible tarot deck suitable for all levels, the Sasuraibito Tarot is our most popular deck! Created by Asian-American illustrator Stasia Burrington.

“The Japanese word “sasuraibito” most closely translates to “wanderer.” It’s an old-fashioned literary term that is falling out of use, meant to describe a person ever-seeking, searching for a place of healing and refuge. This deck is designed to aid the curious wanderer, and accompany you on your adventures to come.”

– Creator Stasia Burrington

Seventy-eight watercolor illustrations make up the Sasuraibito Tarot deck. While some cards follow common iconography fairly closely (Strength, The World), others diverge strongly from tradition (Death, Judgment). Common themes in the deck are the key points in the cycle of life, embracing endings and keeping the fool’s open mind.

The deck is accompanied by a guidebook which includes card meanings and extra writing about the card designs.

Read a lovely interview with Stasia about the ideas behind this deck!


  • Standard tarot deck of 78 gold-edged cards. The cards measure 2.75”×4.75” (70mm×120mm) on 330gsm (smooth, sturdy) card stock with a matte UV finish. The cards have gilded edges.
  • Guidebook enclosed in box with cards.
  • Presented in a custom-made, sturdy lidded box with gold foil detailing.


  1. Beth

    So glad you’re enjoying the deck Elizabeth – thanks for shouting out my book too! xx

  2. Emma

    I was recently gifted this deck which I have wanted for some time now and fell in love when I received a sample card with a previous order. But when I opened the deck I was so disappointed to find that the cards now have a very matte finish which makes the images appear blurry and not as vibrant. This is such a shame and the description for this product should no longer state that they come with a “gloss laminate” finish.

    • Beth

      My apologies Emma! I had not noticed that the page description still read ‘gloss laminate’, and I have changed this now. We will be in touch with you by email to discuss.

  3. A

    Was given this as a gift for my birthday a few years ago
    This is my absolute favorite deck! The art in most of the cards is verrrry intuitive, imo. The booklet and it’s quotes are charming and helpful.
    I wouldn’t recommend this as a first deck for someone wanting to learn tarot in the rider-waite form, since the cards don’t all line up with the classic symbolism– but I personally like these vibrant cards better!

  4. Linyela (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this deck a few months ago now and I’m honestly in love with it. Not only are the cards just beautiful by themselves, the art on each card just speaks the meaning of the card and sends a clear message. It is easy to use, even for beginners, as I was a beginner myself when I got this deck. This is my favorite deck and I use it for every reading that I do.

  5. lnbdeval (verified owner)

    Je reçois aujourd’hui ce merveilleux et sublime tarot. Il arrive dans un emballage parfaitement protégé, avec une triple épaisseur de carton. Je n’ai jamais vu ça….. Et pourtant, je reçois beaucoup de jeux, qui arrivent du monde entier et de vendeurs différents.
    Quant au jeu, il est sublime, un délicat mix de tradition et modernité….. Je suis impatiente de le prendre en main et de travailler avec lui…..
    En un mot, n’hésitez plus à acheter sur ce site, les frais de port ne sont pas donnés c’est vrai, mais pour le coup, je ne les regrette pas……
    Merci à Little Red Tarot pour le soin apporté à cette œuvre d’art…..

  6. Suzy (verified owner)

    A beautiful deck I’ve had on my wish list for a while. It’s even better in person. I love the presentation, the card stock, the guilding, and the cards are so good to work with, with wonderful artwork I find emotive and intuitive. It’s instantly become one of my favourites. I’m very impressed with LRT’s customer service too. Highly recommended deck and shop.

  7. Karen Godfrey (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful deck. I’m fairly new to tarot reading and I find these cards quite intuitive to read. The descriptions in the guide book stick in the mind, which also helps me to remember the different meanings. I agree with other reviewers about the court cards, I find them much more readable in this deck than in other ones. All the artwork is gorgeous, I would find it hard to pick a top ten favourite cards in this deck

  8. Carolina (verified owner)

    Gorgeous deck! One of my favorite ones. Excellent cardstock, beautiful colors, exquisite golden borders, appealing images.

  9. caroline.queen (verified owner)

    Wonderful deck, which speaks to your soul. Very easy to read intuitively and from knowledge of RWS. Love using this deck as it has a very loving and self reflective energy. The card stock and artwork are fantastic. Great guidebook too. This deck is my new love which gives you a hug during these troubling times. I am enjoying working with this deck and the Empty Cup Oracle deck by the same author. They read beautifully together.

  10. Nina

    This Tarot deck is my ultimate love. I feel like it was made for me. The second I found it here on the site, I was in love with the images. I ordered it right away and while I was waiting for it to arrive, I looked up other work by Stasia Burrington (instant love as well). After day one working with this deck, I completely forgot all about my other decks and since then I only work and play and breathe and live with this one. I never wanna be without it. So easy to read intuitivelly, such a beautiful evocative art, bringing out so many emotions. Love, lovelovelove this deck. Thank you for having it in your shop :-* I am currently considering getting the Empty Cup Oracle deck by Stasia, because I think it would work perfectly with Sasuraibito.

  11. Carolina (verified owner)

    Beautiful and good quality deck. Illustrations are just great, full of rich and inspiring details. I’ve just received it in the mail today so I haven’t interviewed it or worked with it yet, but I have a good feeling about it already. Thank you.

  12. Tania Bouckaert (verified owner)

    I just received the Sasuraibito Tarot in the mail yesterday (Thank you little red tarot for the fast service!) and as soon as I opened it I fell in Love with a capital L. The thick luscious card stock with gilded edges and a slightly rough feel to the surface of the card, the sturdy box (so sturdy and well-fitting I had a hard time getting the lid off the first time!) with the same moth design as the back of the cards, the cute booklet with the artists interpretations that are clear and insightful (although I have spotted two cards already that mean something slightly different to me) and of course: the lovely artwork with thoughtful designs and gorgeous colours!!! I am on a New-Deck-High! I asked the deck to tell me something about how we were going to work together and it showed me the 2 of Cups, here depicted by two hands reaching towards eachother and holding pinkies – it was basically pinkie-promising me a loving, caring, respectful collaboration and partnership so I know we will get along very well! I looked through the deck to find my favourite card and ended up picking 25 cards! Most of the time it is the Major Arcana that is most appealing at first sight but here I absolutely feel attracted to the Minors and even the Court cards, which is rare for me. Some of the ideas are just so fresh! Like the 8 of Cups, where a woman is cutting her hair, that is exactly what you do when you get ready to move on: you get a new hair-style! Or the 6 of Swords, where a woman is coming up for air out of a murky body of water filled with ominous looking spikes. Going through the deck I could not shake off the feeling that the seductive face of the Devil goes with the suavely clothed body of the Emperor… this deck has some interesting males but it are the females that truly shine and are so relatable – like Judgement where a woman is emerging from a cocoon of blankets to gaze upon you and tell you what she sees as true. The whole concept of this deck really speaks to me and I think I will not need any other decks for a while as I emerge myself in the story of The Wanderer.

  13. Gwenelan (verified owner)

    I got this deck a couple of days ago, and I just started working with it, but I already love it.
    First, the card quality is sublime. It’s not too thick, but still sturdy. You can actually shuffle it any way you want. I bought the Ostara Tarot, for example, and they are too thick to be shuffled properly or to be fan out on the table (!), plus they are almost glued to each other. Not so the Sasuraibito. It’s a pleasure just to have them in the hand.

    The cards themselves have beautiful images, with amazing colours. They are very expressive and can be read intuitively. I loved the booklet, too: it is brief, with no illustrations and with a couple of quote. I loved the quotes: they are actually relevant quotes, not the positivist stuff you find everywhere.
    The cards have their own symbolism, which is easy to grasp but not too obvious. I loved the court cards: this is the first deck in which the court cars really speak to me :).
    So far, great deck and amazing service here at LRT!

  14. Merlin (verified owner)

    This deck is one of my favourites. The card stock is not super thick, but not at all flimsy and seems durable. It’s glossy and easy to shuffle and similar to the glossy cardstock found with some US Games Systems decks I own, such as Tarot of the Cat People and Joie de Vivre.

    The artwork in this deck is very beautiful and unique. My favourite feature that I want to praise the most is the court cards. Stasia Bunningham has really captured them well and their personalities shine through. They’re not as stiff as the courts can still be in some modern decks and I can instantly recognise people I know in some of them. The King of Cups remind me of my boyfriends father, only lacking his glasses. I also really enjoy that the court cards are differently aged and not always in the obvious way denoted by their rank. The King and Queen of Cups are old people while the King of Swords is a young man.

    This is my first indie deck and I’m very happy with it! I have nothing to complain about in regards to the production of it and I plan to use it a lot.

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