Iris Oracle


A rich, quirky and colourful folk-art oracle deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans.

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Iris is a quirky, deep and intriguing oracle deck from Mary Elizabeth Evans, creator of the Spirit Speak Tarot. With 78 hand-drawn cards in Mary’s signature folk-art style, these cards probe unseen places and offer unique sources of encouragement and guidance.

Beautifully presented in a sturdy, hand-illustrated keepsake box and with a detailed little white book giving depth and explanation to the cards, this oracle will take a special place in your collection. A perfect gift for tarot and oracle lovers, teen witches and special friends!

“This project came into my life at a time when many changes were happening. IRIS was my way to process my ideas and feelings about experiences though this life. It served as my most honest and open companion. In other decks that I have made, I used a sort of formula. With IRIS, the images and ideas formed in a more loose and intuitive way. My intention was to give this project freedom to appear as it wanted. I hope you enjoy this deck and that it may bring you so much magic and love!”
– Mary Elizabeth Evans


  • 78 full-colour cards
  • Cards measure 4.75″ x 2.5″
  • Small 78-page booklet explaining each card’s meaning
  • Sturdy, colourful keepsake box


  1. Clare S (verified owner)

    This is undoubtedly the best oracle deck I have ever worked with. With every reading you do with this pack, the cards just scream “Oh you get me so much!”. If you have an eye on this deck or you are curious about it in any way, I can thoroughly recommend it. My clients love it, and it is perfect for readers who like to get really deep on a psychological level – both with themselves or with a second party. I cannot recommend this deck highly enough. It is wonderful food for the soul. For me, it finally filled the deck shaped hole that I carried around with me for 16 years – looking for the final elusive piece to make up my cards jigsaw. The Iris Oracle is much more than adequate, it is superlative.

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