Apparition Tarot


A strange and colourful, large-sized tarot from Spirit Speak artist Mary Elizabeth Evans.

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Step into the world of the Apparition Deck, a humble addition to the 6-deck Spirit Speak series, from Mary Elizabeth Evans. This deck, crafted with care and devotion, draws inspiration from the art of tarot archetypes. Each image is born from 14×17 acrylic paintings, created amidst the serene beauty of Joshua Tree, CA. As I ventured into the vast desert landscape, these images came to life through a process of deep meditation and visioning. With gilded gold edges and a comprehensive 40-page booklet, these cards are a heartfelt offering to enrich your tarot collection.

Complementing this colorful deck is a detailed 84-page booklet, that provides insightful descriptions for each card. This booklet serves as your guide through the enigmatic world of Apparition, offering profound interpretations and facilitating a deeper connection with the deck.

The cards themselves are generously sized, measuring 3.5×5 inches with a 400GSM paper size. Cards are adorned with gilded gold edges, elevating their aesthetic appeal and making them a striking addition to any tarot collection.