Bridge Witches Tarot Deck & Guidebook

A colourful tarot deck exploring themes of community spirit and social justice in a diverse urban context.

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The Bridge Witches Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck painted designed and hand-illustrated by Genevieve Barbee Turner based in Pittsburg PA, USA. Inspired by her surroundings, Genevieve illustrates the communities she has lived and worked in, highlighting the grace of everyday life, with many cards referring to real people and places. It is colourful, modern and painterly, depicting people and places in vibrant detail, and it has strong themes of community care and social justice, which are explored in the accompanying full-colour guidebook.

Read an interview with Genevieve and view highlights from the deck here!

This urban-spirited deck is inspired by the diverse communities of Genevieve’s home city of Pittsburgh (though you do not need to know Pittsburgh to use and enjoy the deck!) Each suit of the minor arcana represents a season and direction in the city, whilst the major arcana personify the challenges and triumphs of the city of steel that has risen from the ashes over the past few decades.

Suits have been renamed as follows: Swords = Fences, Pentacles = Cicadas, Wands = Trees, Cups = Cups, and the traditional Knight is a ‘Night’ in this deck.

An illustrated, full-color 53-page guide book included contains descriptions for each card, examples of different card spreads, and prints.


  • 78-card illustrated full-colour tarot deck,
  • Presented in a custom tuck-box, inside a complimentary cotton drawstring bag.
  • The tuck-box for this deck is a little delicate, and small bumps/creases may occur on opening. For this reason, we also enclose a complimentary cotton tarot bag with all purchases.
  • 53-page guidebook


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