Our stocking terms

These terms are here to foster a smooth, easy relationship between the Little Red Tarot Shop and the many wonderful independent creators who fill our shelves!

Over the years I have spent curating and stocking this shop, I’ve noticed some common issues that arise regularly for my suppliers. This document is an attempt to define some simple and compassionate systems that work for everyone.

  • ‘The Shop’ is the Little Red Tarot Shop
  • ‘I/me’ is Beth Maiden (shop owner)
  • ‘We’ means myself and Hele (shop assistant)

Sending a shipment? Shipping and packaging guidance is here! If at all possible, we would love to have our order shipped directly from the printer, saving cost, time and emissions. If not, please do read these guidelines thoroughly.


I expect to pay upfront when I place orders, and will cover the wholesale cost of the items, plus normally the shipping from you to me, and the customs tax imposed by the UK government.

If you need to use ‘friends and family’ for your invoice, speak to me first.

As I work primarily with small-scale creators, I don’t do ‘sale or return’ – I believe this is harmful to artists. When I order from you I am happy to take the risk of selling your goods and will not seek to return anything unsold.

When stock arrives damaged

Damaged stock is by far the biggest problem we encounter – it’s stressful, wasteful, time-consuming and expensive.

Let’s try to stop it happening! Please see our packaging guidance here for best-practice and tips.

Yet still – it happens. We have two options for handling damaged stock. We have come up with these after talking with creators and working to find the most fuss-free, non-wasteful solutions.

  1. The first option is straight-up replacements. You send replacement items as soon as possible. (Items must be marked zero value for customs, as we have already paid import taxes and duties and must not be charged again.) The damaged items can be returned to you if you cover the cost.
  2. Simpler and cheaper for you: We’ll meet you half way – you refund 50% of the price paid (including a proportion of postage) for each damaged item.

We use our damaged stock creatively: We send them to Books Beyond Bars for distribution to queer prisoners, we donate them to healing justice projects, we use them for fundraisers, we have occasional pop-up shops selling them to lower income folks.

When customers find that their items are faulty

Occasionally customers find a fault with their decks – such as missing, misprinted, or damaged cards.

Here’s how we deal with it:

The priority is ensuring the customer is sorted out quickly and with a minimum of fuss. We want them to feel understood, cared for and served promptly, and to end up with a good feeling about both your creation and our shop!

If we have stock available, we will sort the customer ourselves using shop stock:

  • If it is a single card or small number of cards we will open a brand new deck and send replacement cards to the customer. We will keep the open deck so as to help future customers with missing cards in the same way.
  • If it is an entire deck we will send a replacement right away.

We will let you know about the issue and the cost of solving the issue (i.e. the postage cost). I am usually happy for this cost to be deducted from my next order, and for a replacement or free deck to be included with my next shipment – however if I am not placing a new order for a long time, I will ask for a straight-up refund of postage costs, and a replacement item.

If we don’t have stock available, I will forward the customer email to you and ask that you serve them directly.

Occasionally customers choose to reach out to creators before contacting us. If this happens – firstly, my apologies! We do ask our customers to come to us in the first instance. Please forward the customer email to us and we’ll sort it out together as above.

Kickstarter delays

Please communicate with us about any delays. We love to back new creators and their crowdfunding campaigns, it’s an important part of how the shop works and nurtures new creators! However, the process can become stressful if communication ceases.

If there are unexpected delays on your end, that’s okay – it happens (a lot!) We completely understand that the process may be delayed for all sorts of reasons and will not be worried or angry. We have seen many creators go through the often overwhelming process of a crowdfunding campaign and do not want to add to your stress – on the contrary, we would love to help make things easier if we can.

Simple communication is all we ask. Please be sure to keep in touch with the Shop and let us know of any delays and your new expected shipping date. Thank you! <3