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The Hanged Man: The art of allowing

“We are so used to leaping right onto a situation and dealing with it quickly – it is an act of bravery and strength to simply hold back.” Read more

The Moon is for lovers: Living with your lunar self

The more difficulty you have with your Moon (aka feelings), the more likely the stage of moving in together will make you freak. Read more

Making the Spolia Tarot

Jessa Crispin introduces her long-awaited tarot deck, the Spolia Tarot. Read more

Jupiter in Scorpio: Taking up space

The planet of growth & expansion in the sign of power, sexuality, and the taboo.. Read more

December Sunday Spread: Cultivating our gifts

It’s gift giving (and receiving) season! What gifts do you want to cultivate this month? Read more

Many Moons: Full moon in Gemini

“I am both lock and key. What I seek is also looking for me.” Sarah shares reflections and intentions for December’s supermoon. Read more

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