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See the cripple dance: The Seven of Cups and the pleasure of sadness

Summertime sadness, becoming smitten with yourself, and navigating internal worlds with the Seven of Cups. Read more

Summer solstice, new moon, energy flow

Feeling a little fragmented and detached in solstice week. Read more

face up tarot

Face Up Tarot: How to breakthrough, even when you think you can’t

Siobhan writes about breakthrough, bodies, and processing one of the biggest, and most profound, face-up card pulls. Read more

Unapologetically radical: The Urban Tarot review

Intrigued by its city-based approach & entranced by the queer and feminist themes, Cassandra reviews The Urban Tarot. Read more

Vulnerability, fear, and the Page of Cups

Brave enough to go where fear resides, committed with curiosity and love to the heart’s long and often difficult journey. Read more

See the cripple dance: Re-reading the Five of Pentacles as cripple-magic

Dumpster-diving and resisting ableism with the Five of Pentacles. Read more


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