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Queering the Tarot: 16. The Star

We have an idea and a focus for our life now thanks to that illumination from The Star, and it is time to create the path we want out of it. Hold tight to your faith in yourself when this card shows up.

Face Up Interview Series: Sheilaa Hite

Digging deeper into the practice of consciously choosing cards, Siobhan interviews the tarot reader, mentor, & Intuitive Sheilaa Hite.

Divining Motherhood: blooming open with the Lovers, Death, Strength, & the Star

[Guest Post] “I have used the evisceration of Death, the pain my divorce, and subsequent situations wrought to tap into my Strength.”

Summer solstice

Summer solstice is a festival of abundance and personal power. Here are some ideas for celebrating!

Clementine Morrigan discusses tarot, poly, sobriety and seawitches

an interview with multi-media artist Clementine Morrigan on the ways they use tarot in their zine making

A ritual for love in a painful time

I have to begin with me. I want to reassert my boundaries as a response to what just happened, and I want to reassert openness and find a channel through which to pour all this love inside me out into a world that is in pain.



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