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Hawthorn Heart: What makes an effective boundary

“The most effective boundaries that I’ve been able to enact in my life have all been: measurable, accountable, negotiable and communicable.”

Photo diary: A spring break

I spent the past few weeks bunking off work in favour of cheap thrills and mini adventures.

See the Cripple Dance: To be crazy as a loon

Maranda reads the Two of Swords and Two of Pentacles with ghosts in their hometown.

Ritual & Honey: Reaching back for ourselves

“Our past selves refuse to be put away in the dark, fading on a forgotten shelf, or crushed in an old shoebox.”

Many Moons: Full moon in Libra

Sarah shares her reflections on April’s full moon, and Libra’s tarot card, Justice, plus a tarot spread for working with the themes of this moon.

Using tarot cards to predict or plan the future

Whether you use tarot to predict the future, or love using your cards for planning and decision-making, here are some techniques to answer ‘when…?’ questions.


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