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See the Cripple Dance: Witchcraft for crazy people

Maranda Elizabeth introduces themself as Little Red Tarot’s newest contributor in their column See the Cripple Dance.

10 ideas for your tarot blog or journal

Hit a rut with your tarot blog? Nothing to write in your journal? Pick one of these prompts, and get scribbling!

Do you read reversed tarot cards?

Upside down cards can really throw your reading out. Here are some ideas on how to approach them with confidence!

Believing magic: affirmations for survivors

You deserve to be believed.

The Brady Tarot: Natural history meets the esoteric

The Brady Tarot is an artist’s deck featuring North American flora and fauna that is lush, bold, obsessive, and true to its roots.

Queering the Tarot: Ten of Wands

The classic ‘burnout’ card brings compassionate messages of boundaries, rest and self-care to LGBTQ+ seekers.


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