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Brewcraft: Ways to combine tea rituals with spellwork

[Guest Post] Since you’re already going through the motions, you might as well add some sparkling intention.

The Astrology of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Part 2

Who wants to play guess Giles’ star sign?

The Astrology of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Part 1

Ever wondered about Buffy’s star sign? Or Willow’s? Wonder no more! Betsy revels all in this two-part guide to the astrology of vampire slayage.

Weekend Reading + another new start

Em and I are on the move…again. Also: it’s link time!

Five do’s and don’ts for tarot beginners

New to tarot? Liz Worth has some tips to help you find your path.

Forgiveness as spring cleaning

I wanted energy, excitement and joy. I got a reminder that I need to tie up some emotional loose ends before I dive into spring.


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