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Face Up Tarot: the Devil’s recipes

Siobhan takes a bite out of the Devil’s Saturnine-side, and it tastes like empowerment & motivation. Come get your Face Up fix!

Weekend reading + other people’s words

Links. Lots of links.

Photo diary: north, south, betwixt the two

It’s easy, when you’re alone with your own head a lot of the time, to forget what else is happening in your life. I flicked through my camera. Plenty, as it happens.

Daughters and Amazons

Life is never in limbo. As long as it is being lived, the journey progresses. Every moment, something new is learned. “No way out but through”, my friend says of her own current struggle. It’s true. It’s good. It’s okay.

Queering the Tarot: 19. The Sun

“Though the Sun is generally a happy card, it’s much harder to zero in on positivity when you’ve spent much of your life fighting to be yourself.” Cassandra Snow with some LBGTQ-friendly interpretations of this card.

Light & Shadow: sorting the court cards part 1

Here Siobhan begins the project of taking the court cards out the closet, dusting off the stale old interpretations, and reinvigorating them via astrology & storytelling.



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