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Coven Verse | 21. The World & 2. The High Priestess, by Catherine Fahey

“updown strangecharm topbottom
become carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen,
oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur.” Read more

We Change: A review of Witchbody, by Sabrina Scott

Witchbody shows us that “magic is a way of talking, and a way of being with”, exploring and celebrating the power of connection between all things. Read more

Fat Tarot: Queering tarot in a fat liberation perspective

How can bodily norms inform the way one might queer tarot? And what does queer actually mean to me as a fat tarot reader? Read more

Heal & Harm: Releasing trauma with little rituals

I fear that I would be physically unsafe were I to press charges. So what do I do? Where do I turn? Witchcraft. Read more

Dark Days: Discovering your child self through tarot

Taking time with your inner child allows a chance to step through time and provide that which was desperately needed but not received. Read more

Mars & Venus do drag: The astrology of gender roles

Some of us – regardless of gender identity or sex – are more Martian than Venusian, and that’s healthy and appropriate for us. Read more

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