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Dark Days: New moon in Libra

Tarot cards pair beautifully with an intuitive practice of interpreting dreams. Try these tricks for an enhanced dream-divinatory experience! Read more

See the cripple dance: On Temperance, bravado, and wanting to change the world

Maranda discusses self-awareness, public meltdowns, and using the cards to reduce harm to themself and others. Read more

From Devil to Fool: Jung’s dream symbols and tarot

[Guest Post] Charmaine offers the basic archetypes of Jungian psychology though the lens of the major arcana. Read more

INTERVIEW: Katie West on her upcoming anthology Becoming Dangerous

Maranda interviews Katie West on her upcoming anthology for witchy femmes, queer conjurers, and magical rebels. Read more

Star Crossed: When your Pluto’s got trust issues

For people with Pluto strong in their birth charts, betrayal isn’t a one-time life lesson—it’s the story that repeats over and over, undermining your ability to trust. Read more

REVIEW | Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen

This book takes critiques every progressive person has about the traditional Maiden, Mother, Crone Goddess path (ugh, virginity! ugh, wombs!) and offers a much-needed alternative. Read more

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