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My favourite tarot spreads for client readings

A few handy tarot spreads I find really useful for all kinds client readings.

Face Up Justice: when darkness arrives

Siobhan contemplates the duality of connection & addiction, releasing & receiving, tradition & adaptation.

A look inside POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology

Support the comic anthology celebrating & empowering queer witches of color everywhere!

Divining Motherhood: love’s witness as the Magician, the Devil & the Chariot

Continuing the series, Cat shares thoughts on the reflective & motivating relationship between mother and child.

I Believe You: a tarot spread for femme survivors

“multi-genre zine submission call-out” + “offering from one femme survivor to another”

Queering the Tarot: 21. The World

“For a queer seeker, The World can show that your identity and sense of self are stronger than they’ve ever been, a triumph in and of itself for most of us.”



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Little Red Tarot Spreads

Little Red Tarot Spreads:
21 Original Tarot Spreads

A 60-page e-book containing 21 of my favourite tarot spreads to cover all kinds of questions, plus helpful tips about using and reading cards in tarot spreads, and a guide to creating your own.

PLUS: 23 printable worksheets – perfect for tarot journalling.

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