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How to be of service as a tarot reader

[Guest Post] Tarot reading advice from Liz Worth that often goes unsaid or is merely implied in regards to being of service to others.

What’s inside my tarot box?

I may move house a lot, but my tarot bits and pieces are always to hand. Here’s a peek at the tarot decks, oracles, and ritual tools I keep in my tarot box!

Lost and found: The Oracle Adrift

I created this tiny oracle to help me though a rough patch. Now, I’d love to share it with you, as part of a lost and found storytelling project.

Face Up Tarot: holding space

Sometimes a neighborhood critter can teach you more than a tantric instructor.

Queering the Tarot: 18. The Moon

“Regardless of one’s gender or sexual identity, The Moon brings big things to the surface, things we often only let bubble up when we’re alone.”

Tarot readers: it’s okay to take a break

As tarot readers, it’s an honour to give our clients focused time and energy. But it’s okay, too, to take a break when you need to focus on yourself.



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