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Bleed right through me: moontimes as ritual

“Some people call this PMS; I like to think of this time as a period of heightened awareness.”

When you want to do All Of The Things…

Tarot for projects and planning…plus LOADS of resources for people who refuse to choose one path in life.

Light & Shadow: the Emperor

Particle versus wave. Bludgeon versus rebellion. Siobhan reveals how the guarded Emperor is prepping us for transformation.

Redefining abundance

What is security? What is security in the context of love? What should I lean into?

Queering the Tarot: 15. The Devil

Cassandra looks at some LGBTQ-specific interpretations of this much-maligned card, from trans/homophobia and hiding in the closet, to getting out there and embracing your queer desire.

Divining Motherhood: metamorphosis as the Empress, the Hanged Man, & the Moon

[Guest Post] “I was a ripe, fertile Empress in pregnancy and birth, but then postpartum, I hung as the Hanged Man and descended to the dark path of the unknown with the Moon.”



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Little Red Tarot Spreads:
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A 60-page e-book containing 21 of my favourite tarot spreads to cover all kinds of questions, plus helpful tips about using and reading cards in tarot spreads, and a guide to creating your own.

PLUS: 23 printable worksheets – perfect for tarot journalling.

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