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REVIEW | Kitchen Table Tarot: Learn tarot…with a big side of sass

Melissa Cynova’s brilliant book for tarot learners demystifies intimidating symbols and helps you get to grips with your tarot cards. Read more

Star-Crossed: Loving through your Lunar Return

In love, the Moon shows how we give and receive nurturing, as well as the basic stuff that makes us happy or at least comfortable in our day-to-day lives. Read more

Awaken your intuition: The Lefty Oracle Deck

[Guest post] Artist Kathy Crabbe shares the story behind the Lefty Oracle, a deck she illustrated entirely with her non-dominant left hand. Read more

Tarot queens as personal mentors

These four powerful femmes have ‘done the work’, and they can help you to do it, too! Read more

See the Cripple Dance: The (in)tangibilities of writing, dreaming, & trusting

“Each time I finish a project, each time somebody tells me my writing has helped keep them alive, I remember that I am one of the ones who was not expected to survive.” Read more

Many Moons: Full moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius

The full moon and lunar eclipse bring an opportunity to reflect on how you use and offer your gifts. Read more


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