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The Hidden Light Tarot: An elemental, magical, Jewitchy deck

Deck creator Oli StarFrosting’s half-a-lifetime experience as both zinester and tarot reader yields a deck whose aesthetic hums with raw, lively fey power.

Communication topography: A reading from a friend, with the Collective Tarot

Exchanging tarot readings with a friend is a good way to get out of your own head. Here are my reflections on my friend’s thoughtful, helpful words.

The Sasuraibito Tarot celebrates everyday, human magic

Illustrator Stasia Burrington introduces her colourful, nature-rich tarot deck, inspired by Japanese and Buddhist concepts and ideals.

13 unconventional ways of reading tarot card reversals

[Guest Post] “Reversals changed my life. Now it’s your turn.”

Queering the Tarot: the King of Wands

Cassandra explores the tirelessly kind side of this activist leader, and how he shows up for LGBTQ-identified folks.

Superhero/Sidekick: Shine a little light on our lives

[Guest Post] ask the cards what superhero/sidekick combo the world needs most.


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