Zeke's Lunchbox

Zeke’s Lunchbox is a pseudonym for Melbourne, Australia based artist Julia Rich (she/her).

Best known for her weird creatures and otherworldly women, her work is often described as strange, unearthly and prismatic.

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Zeke’s most popular work is her tarot card deck Zeke’s Arcana that consists of 80 original artworks. The project took four years to complete and raised over $100k+ AUD on Kickstarter in 2021, with the whole process documented on her YouTube channel.

In 2019, her YouTube career has allowed her to speak at the international speaker summit, Creative Mornings. As well as being commissioned for a Valentine’s Day campaign for YouTube in 2021. The artist has also collaborated with global brands such as Wix & Huion.

Find Zeke at her website, zekeslunchbox.com, on Instagram @zekeslunchbox, and on YouTube @zekeslunchbox.

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