Lettie Jane Rennekamp


Lettie is an artist, illustrator and mother living in Portland, Oregon.

I use she/her pronouns, identify as a white, cis-female, who has struggled to embrace my femme. I identify as queer and bisexual inside a myriad of heteronormative relationships.

I’m an Aquarius, a weirdo, a horse-girl, and come from a middle class background. I’m anxious and dyslexic. I’m a witch and I’ve spent more than a decade in therapy. I love nature and friendship and joy. Coffee is my favorite beverage, I grew up on a horse farm and I love the ocean. I’m a single mom and my son, Nicky was born in 2014.

Visit Lettie’s website at lettiejane.com and find her on IG @lettiejanemakes

Lettie on her art and practice…

My work often centers on the body and what it means to inhabit a body in this world. I use illustrations depicting people, plants and pattern to try to capture more abstract ideas like moving through grief or self acceptance. I am always trying to reflect on my connection to the world around me and drawing helps me manage. I use a variety of materials in my work. I usually work analog with pens, colored pencils or watercolor and scan drawings to bring them to life digitally. Sometimes I stick to black and white lines (like my tarot deck, Many Queens), using brush pens to find variety in line weight. I love layering colored pencil and playing with looseness in watercolor.

I’ve struggled my whole life with whether or not I’m artist, despite earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. I think I’ve finally accepted that if I spend a huge chunk of my life dedicated to art, it means I’m an artist.

I teach art to teenagers and adults and love encouraging folks to find their expression and confidence. You can find me teaching at Pacific Crest Community School and online.

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