Charlie Claire Burgess


Aquarius sun | Gemini moon | Scorpio Rising

Charlie identifies as a non-binary spirit in a human home who’s gay for other queers! They’re also a white, able-bodied person living with complex PTSD. Charlie is currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA, and is the artist and author behind the Fifth Spirit Tarot.

Read more: Charlie Claire Burgess: Art, gender, & creating the Fifth Spirit Tarot.

Charlie’s second deck, the Gay Marseilles Tarot, is out very soon!

About Charlie’s art and practice

I’m a creative writer and digital artist who didn’t consider myself an artist until I started to create my first tarot deck, Fifth Spirit Tarot.

As a queer and non-binary person who’s married to a transgender man, my identities certainly inform my art because they’re an intrinsic part of who am I and how I perceive and experience the world. Queer and trans representation were at the core of my vision for Fifth Spirit Tarot and are central in my continuing work, and my understanding of Tarot itself is based in my perspective as a queer and non-binary person.

Favourite tarot card? This is an impossible question, but my birth card is the Chariot, my astrological card is The Star, and I’m always happy to see the Ace of Wands.

Favourite tarot deck? Other than my own, Many Queens Tarot by Lettie Jane Rennekamp!

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