Amy T Won

Amy is an enchanted artist living in California, USA. She is the creator of the Deck for Wonder Walking, a set of cards for reconnecting with nature and our creativity.

Find more of Amy’s work online at

Amy’s artist story

My journey as an artist truly began with The TreeSpace Studio over 6 years ago. After being in a creative desert for almost a decade, I dreamed of a mythical place to contain my artistic explorations. I was inspired by one of my favorite childhood stories : The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, where magical lands appear atop this otherworldly tree deep in an enchanted forest for its folk to explore. I believed that the studio was my very own Faraway Tree, a link to all the splendor of my imagination and the wonders of our world, and a constant reminder for me to stay enchanted.

It grew to become a magical link to the visual dreams of everyone I’ve been blessed to collaborate with, and today the studio stands for the importance of being explorers, for not living vicariously, for choosing our own adventures so that we can be creative pioneers, innovative peoples and thought leaders that usher society into new eras.

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