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Love Little Red Tarot? Want to show your support?

We’re a micro-business based out of a spare room in rural Wales, working super hard to bring you this ever-evolving collection of awesome tarot and oracle decks. Not gonna lie, it can be a struggle at times. The world of online retail is hideously competitive, with companies like *you-know-who* forever driving down prices, bullying small businesses, skipping taxes, and distorting expectations of what things should cost and how fast they should be delivered.

We’d rather shut up shop than play any of those games.

You know what makes everything worthwhile though? Customers like you who reach out with kind and loving words, asking how they can support us.

Here are a few ways you can show your love and help us to grow!

Spread the word

We don’t use social media – instead we rely on happy customers to tell each other about our store and courses (which they do!) A few easy tips:

  • Share your new deck/book on social media and let folks know why you love it and where you got it with a link back to
  • Use the hashtag #littleredtarot and #littleredtarotshop on IG, Twitter, and anywhere else you hang out, to connect with other customers and share the love.
  • Use the ‘share’ buttons to the side of each page to share products on your fave social media platforms.
  • Forward our newsletter to your tarot-loving friends, and encourage them to sign up at

Leave a review

Loving your new tarot deck? Help other customers by leaving a review on the product page (even if you bought it elsewhere!)

If you want to be really supportive, you could add a review for each deck in your collection, even if you bought it years ago :)

Partner with us

If you run a business or well-established platform and you’d like to talk about partnerships, reach out! We want to hear from folks with a similar ethos to ours – particularly QTPOC and feminist business owners.

A few examples:

  • If you run online courses with a tarot focus, we may be able to offer your students a discount code for the shop.
  • If you run a popular YouTube channel (e.g. tarot unboxings or reviews) we may be able to provide sample decks.

Feature us on your blog or podcast

Time was, I would run a mile from any kind of publicity. I’ve lost track of the podcast opportunities I’ve turned down and that makes me sad. I’ve changed her mind and would love to talk to like-minded folks from our community! If you’d like to talk indie tarot, radical entrepreneurship, work-life ‘balance’ (haha.. er ..ha) or other relevant topics, reach out.

Want to donate?

From time to time we hear from customers who want to make a donation to support LRT. We’re so incredibly touched by this – truly! But this is a business, it needs to sustain itself financially. We don’t accept donations. If you’d like to support indie tarot with your cash, please consider checking out your favourite artists, as many do have ‘tip jars’ or accept donations on their websites.