Queering the Tarot is seeking a new home!

Queering the Tarot is the longest-running column on Little Red Tarot.

It began in March 2015, after Cassandra Snow, a tarot reader from Minneapolis, reached out with an offer to share a series that would move through the entire tarot deck, card by card, offering LGTBQIA+ -centred perspectives to help interpret each one. As you can imagine, I was ridiculously excited to say yes!

Queering the Tarot is the reason many of you are here. Post by post, Cassandra has been writing a fully-queered tarot guidebook that presents every card as representing elements of the specifically queer experience. I don’t know of anything else like it and over the years it has brought many an LGBTQIA+ seeker to these pages and introduced tarot readers – queer, straight and otherwise – to the importance of inclusivity when we read those cards. I’ve lost track of the straight readers, in particular, who have reached out to thank Cassandra for a series that has helped them diversify their card interpretations and thus become more open and inclusive readers.

Excitingly (and unsurprisingly) Queering the Tarot will soon be published as a book!

I know! Totally brilliant!! It feels so important that Queering the Tarot is backed up with a website where folks can get to know Cassandra and her work. The book will be published by Red Wheel and is due out early 2019 (make sure you’re on Cassandra’s mailing list if you want a heads up about that!)

Meanwhile, the ending of LRT will mean that Queering the Tarot can’t continue here – a big loss to the queer community. The entire Queering the Tarot column as published up til 31st October will remain public on the new LRT blog, but the series will end there, since the site will no longer be funded or actively maintained.

And so we are seeking a new home for this column!

And where better to turn than to you, our big beautiful #witchyqueer family, for ideas.

Do you know of an intersectional community space that would jump at the chance to host this important series? If so, please contact Cassandra directly, or leave a comment below!


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