Witch Stones


A practical guide to creating your own set of runes for divination, witchcraft and self-exploration.

By Wendy Trevennor

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Discover an ancient divination system that is older than the tarot and much simpler to learn and use! Learn to read the runes, and go on to develop and use them as a magical tool.

This book gives a basic understanding of the traditional systems of runes, then goes on to instruct the reader on how to make their own set of witchstones and ultimately to change and personalise the system to that it belongs to them alone and resonates with their own cultural background and personal iconography.

Author Wendy Trevennor, a practising witch for 25 years, explains the history, meaning and use of the runes in a way that is easy for someone with little or no occult knowledge to comprehend but still useful if you already practice magic.

  • 120 pages
  • Softcover
  • 125 mm x 220 mm


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