The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook


A handwritten, 200-page guidebook to accompany The Wild Unknown Tarot.

First edition.

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The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook is a sweet and helpful guide to The Wild Unknown Tarot, or use it with any other deck to enhance and expand your understanding of the tarot cards.

200 pages of info and drawings, handwritten by Kim Krans. This book is especially great for those new to the tarot… it leads you through shuffling, cutting the deck, spreads, the meaning of all 78 cards, suits, and more. Even seasoned readers will appreciate the glimpse into where the concepts of the illustrations came from.

Paperback, black and white, 200 pages.

Limited first edition – once these books (along with the second edition deck) are sold out, they will be gone forever!

Buy The Wild Unknown Tarot (second edition) here!


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