The Wanderer’s Tarot (first edition)


A stark, surreal, beautiful black and white tarot deck, for modern witches, by Casey Zabala.

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The Wanderer’s Tarot is a tarot deck for modern witches, created by Casey Zabala. Stark, monochrome and illustrated in a gorgeous scratched-out folk-art style, this large 78-card deck is dedicated to the Goddess in all of her manifestations.

The Wanderer’s Tarot seeks to be a magical ally along your path, no matter how you choose to travel. Complete with the companion guidebook, the Wanderer’s Tarot is suitable for all readers, from the curious seeker to the experienced High Priestess.

It follows the traditional tarot structure, though the four suits have been renamed Moons (Cups), Stones (Pentacles), Feathers (Wands) and Knives (Swords).

“I created the Wanderer’s Tarot out of a desire to blend my occult knowledge with my artistic inclinations. I’ve always been spiritually minded, and as an artist, interested in functional artwork. I have been working with and studying the Tarot for 13 years. It took three incredibly focused months to draw the cards out of my mind, and onto the page. The process was supported by a magical and ritualistic framework. My greatest hope is that the deck can become an ally for many a seeker, artist, lover, and priestess out there, navigating their own wondrous paths.”

– Casey Zabala

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  • 78 cards, large size, gloss finish.
  • Three additional cards provide simple explanations of the cards’ key meanings.
  • Presented in a simple custom tuck-box.
  • FREE! Also included is a simple cotton drawstring bag to keep your cards safe.

First edition.

Also available: The Wanderer’s Tarot Guidebook

Two newer versions of this deck are also available!


  1. Sam

    My first deck, I fell in love with it immediatetly and am really connecting with it. It is sometimes a little bit intimidating because it is so beautiful and powerful. But a real companion for almost a year.

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