Verdant Dreams of Olam haBa: The World to Come 5782 (2021-22)

This beautiful planner combines Hebrew, Gregorian and moon calendars in one gorgeous, sparkling, spiral-bound book. Curated, edited, and illustrated by Rebekah Erev and Nomy Lamm.

COMING SOON! This year’s planner is still in production. Currently we are expecting to receive our stock late August.

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Note: Photographs show the inside of last year’s Olam haBa planner and are provided to give an idea of how the printed planner looks.

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Rooted in Jewish tradition yet designed for all to use, this lunar calendar/dream journal offers guidance and support for integrating spiritual practice into your day to day life, using tools from Jewish lineage, from the seasons and cycles of the earth, from radical queer community; and from your own sacred body.

This year’s theme, “Verdant Dreams,” calls forth imagery of our lush, green planet. 5782 marks a shmita year (occuring once every seven years) in the Hebrew calendar, in which Jewish practice sets forth agrarian principles for letting fields lay fallow to rest and renew. Shmita literally means “release,” and in Biblical times included the forgiving of debts. Nomy and Rebekah see this cycle as an opportunity to question economic systems that stratify wealth and privatize ownership of land. Shmita year creates opportunities to observe how animals, plants and mycelium interact with each other, in order to better befriend the more-than-human world.

Created by Rebekah Erev and Nomy Lamm, two Olympia-based artists and kohanot/Hebrew priestesses, with contributions from thirteen Jewish clergy and mystics who offer writings and rituals for engaging with each month of the Jewish calendar.

The planner runs from September 2021 to September 2022, and offers a loose and supportive framework for working with:

  • The weekly cycle of Shabbat (the day of rest)
  • The monthly cycle of Rosh Chodesh (the Jewish holiday that begins the month, marked by the new moon)
  • Tarot cards
  • Astrological signs associated with each month
  • Jewish holidays
  • Hebrew letters
  • The Netivot (Hebrew priestess archetypes)


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