Tree Wisdom Cards


An oracle deck to help you work with the healing wisdom of trees.

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A deck of 56 cards depicting tree allies, to help cultivate compassion, kindness and self-love, and to deepen our connection to nature. Combining tree essences, the seven chakras, each card shows a different tree and a word of guidance. On the back, the tree’s name and a few brief notes guide or assist your interpretation.

“Finding ways to deepen our relationship with Nature can cultivate a richer moment-to-moment awareness of life through meaningful experience and a deeper understanding of our connection with all things. Viewing art inspired by Nature is a simple way to increase our awareness of its magic. It helps stimulate us to notice more of the life-enhancing qualities of being and feeling part of the natural world. The Tree Wisdom Cards (#treewisdomcards) help facilitate this experience.

Trees are our strongest allies. They stand as sentinels in a symbiotic relationship with humankind. They are wise, with a quiet centre of being and patiently respond to the seasons whilst the world reacts and changes around them. They have a lot to teach us about acceptance, patience, impermanence and interconnectedness.”

Lisa McLaughlin


  • 56 card deck 89mm X 127mm, printed on 395um smooth-faced card. There is further information on the back of each card to guide and inspire you.
  • Each pack is placed in a custom designed tuck box.

Please note these are not exact proportional representations of the trees. They are evocative representations. They have concise prompts on the back and are not intended to be detailed descriptions about tree essences and chakras


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