Thyme Herbal Moon Calendar 2018


A colourful hand-painted lunar calendar, featuring simple ideas for following the moon.


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The Thyme Herbal Moon Calendar is designed to help folks keep track of and live in harmony with the cycles of the moon – this poster covers 2018 lunar cycles.

Lunar patterns can influence our body, mind, and spirit and living in accordance with these tides can help to support our growth, creativity, inspiration, and productivity. In this spirit, the 2018 Moon Calendar shares wisdom, insight and a tea blend for living in harmony with each phase of the moon.  The Moon Calendar is an excellent way to connect with natural cycles and get to know the phases of the moon. It is also an excellent place to keep track of one’s menstrual cycle, mental emotional and other of life’s patterns.

Herbal Wisdom by Brittany Wood Nickerson. Illustrations by Chelsea Iris Granger

We are sorry to share that the 2018 Moon Calendar has a few mistakes.  January 1, 2018, was a full moon but it is drawn as a waning gibbous.  The new moon in June is the 13th and the full moon in June is the 28th (these June moons are off by two and one day respectively on the calendar).  We deeply apologize for these errors (it is hard to draw all those tiny moons!), and it won’t happen again.  We appreciate your understanding, compassion and continued support of all the work and love we put into this project each year. – Brittany and Chelsea

13 x 19 inch poster


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