The Threadbound Oracle Deck & Novel

COMING SOON! You bet we’ll be stocking Cedar McCloud’s beautiful celebration of queer community! This colourful storytelling deck and book are due out around October/November 2020. We’ll open pre-orders nearer the time. Meanwhile, check out the Numinous Tarot!

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The Threadbound Oracle is a 50-card deck themed around storytelling, magic, and the craft of bookbinding and manuscript illumination. Alongside it comes The Thread That Binds, an adult fantasy novel in which the cards appear – and whose characters appear on the cards. The Thread That Binds is a story about queer found family, healing from trauma, and keeping authoritarian abusers out of power in the halls of the world’s oldest magical library.

Together, the cards and novel weave a richer tapestry than when either stands alone, echoing the key theme at the heart of each of them.


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