The Wild Unknown Tarot (2nd Edition)


A deck of 78 stunning hand-illustrated cards, self-published by Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown.


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78 cards filled with magical and mysterious imagery, intricately illustrated by Kim Krans. Great for seasoned readers or those totally new to the Tarot, this deck is the number one favourite among Little Red Tarot readers (and the deck I personally use for client readings).

The cards are presented in a beautiful, sturdy box with a black lifting ribbon and fold-out guide to get you familiar with the cards. A beautiful, meaningful gift for yourself or somebody special.


  • 78 cards on high quality matte card stock
  • Beautiful, sturdy presentation box with black ribbon
  • Small fold-out sheet gives a brief overview of card meanings.

Also available: The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook



    The Wild Unknown is an independent and family-run business specializing in handmade objects.

  2. Tegan (verified owner)

    Beth was wonderfully helpful in communicating with me about this deck. I purchased both deck and guidebook, which were dispatched yesterday and arrived this morning… I couldn’t ask for better service.

    In regards to the deck it’s stunning and I’ve spent several hours simply flicking through the cards and becoming acquainted with them. They shuffle wonderfully and I’m incredibly glad I didn’t get the mass produced version as I’d originally intended. For me these cards are the perfect thickness. I’d be happy with thicker even but would have been dissapointed with thinner cards like keepsake set. They will work perfectly with the wild unknown animal spirit deck .. both feel exactly the same to hold and look at.
    I was also really excited to find out what poster I would recieve in my deck. For anyone interested.. I recieved 10 of pentacles… on reading this meaning of fulfilment and abundance I was elated with this.

    As for the guidebook I’m bias, although I don’t intend to rely on this forever I always buy the guidebook so I can understand the artists insight and experience creating the deck/artwork. It has a great breakdown of the art, using the deck, giving readings and then the cards themselves. Mostly I love how Kim encourages you to build a positive relationship with the deck , treat them well and bond with them.

    All in all a very happy customer who’s had a positive experience. I would definitely purchase further decks from little red tarot and look forward to using the site to further my exploration of tarot.

    Thanks again.

  3. Steve Elson (verified owner)

    I bought two copies of the Wild Unknown Tarot as Christmas presents. One for my partner and of course one for myself. How could I not resist. Originally I had ordered from a big online store, but these new 3rd Edition decks failed to be sent. Beth at Little Red Tarot came to the rescue. I have now opened my deck and did a little red Interview Spread on Christmas Day, and my partner is also happy with his Wild Unknown. I know that this deck is one I shall use continuously through my life now. I am tempted to purchase another 2nd Edition for when this deck becomes too damaged through so much usage. Very happy with the friendly service, and the package is extremely personal with lovely hand-drawn hearts. I am hoping to get the Animal Spirit deck in the near future. I am going to New York for my 40th birthday in March, but ever optimistic that Beth may start stocking it in the UK. ????

  4. Sacha (verified owner)

    I’ve been longing for that deck for a long time and it didn’t disappoint! I used another deck when younger but this one works so much better for me, it is really intuitive and so easy to connect with!

  5. Rose

    I was wandering in search of something that could’ve helped me enlight my Path.
    I had my first tarot deck when I was 15: I was able to read it, I was able to see things..But I never felt a real connection with it.
    And I only found it out when I first saw some TWU cards on an American website.
    I wasn’t able to find the deck, I got frustrated for about a year. Then, here it is.
    I’ve got both first and second edition. It reached my heart!
    I am pretty sure you will all find a connection with the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, so just grab one and let it help you see through the veils of life.
    *I am falling in love with Animal Spirit deck, too…Waiting for it to be purchasable!*

  6. Siana (verified owner)

    I just got my beautiful deck and Im so happy. I ordered from Sweden and the shipping was quick. Very happy with that service and that my deck arrived to me at a resonable time. Really love the littleredtarot service and I will defenitly order from here again :) Thank you so much!

    • Beth

      Thanks Siana! So glad you’re loving your deck :)

  7. Kate (verified owner)

    My Wild Unknown deck + the guidebook just arrived… exactly as I expected! Beth was very helpful before I placed my order and the shipping was quick :) Thanks again!

  8. Victoria (verified owner)

    I received my new Wild Unknown Tarot deck and guide book this morning…thankyou so much for your amazingly quick delivery! I have had my eye and mind on this beautiful deck for quite some time and it is so nice to find a UK seller..:0) I am going to enjoy getting to know them! Thankyou once again…Much Love…

  9. Reece

    Just got my deck this morning, in great time. I’m yet to properly get to use it but I needed to rave about the amazing and friendly service! Great for UK residents who’d rather not pay extortionate import prices and the product is in great condition. The little red note was such a lovely personal touch too :)

    I’ll definitely be ordering the guidebook in the coming weeks :)

  10. RJS

    I just recently got into Tarot again (after the usual teenage dalliance many moons ago…with the Mythic Tarot deck). I was looking for a fresh start – after a lot of online research I discovered the Wild Unknown. I also love how there are no people in the images, which I find allows more space for free association and more instinctive, imaginative responses. I just read for myself and find it a great deck for both ‘quick and dirty’ readings on the fly, and more in-depth spreads. Also a great way into Tarot for the newcomer or returner. Very accessible and non-judgemental deck. And beautiful of course! The different moods contained in the images for major/minor and within the different suits are spot-on – subtle yet effective.

    Favourite Card: Too many – even the ‘negative’ cards are beautiful and always helpful. I’ll say The Ace of Wands, for its refreshing and positive energy.

  11. Little Red

    I’ve only been using the Wild Unknown Tarot for 18 months, but it’s become my firm favourite deck. I love the clever use of colour and shape, the ‘people-free’ approach and the stark, simple imagery, while my querents regularly comment on the beautiful artwork, modern feel and lack of complicated symbols.

    FAVOURITE CARD: The Six of Wands – I love the image of a butterfly emerging, stretching its wings and rising above adversary. A true ‘personal victory’ card.

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