The Urban Tarot

A radical, diverse and political deck for urban readers, the Urban Tarot reclaims the power and magic of the metropolis.

The self-published first edition of this deck is sold out. It has now been published by US Games, a major tarot publisher, and is available from all good online bookstores!

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The self-published first edition of this deck is sold out. It has now been published by US Games, a major tarot publisher, and is available from all good online bookstores!

A radical, diverse and political deck for city witches Robin Scott’s Urban Tarot reclaims the magic of the metropolis. These colourful images were created using a mixed-media process including photography and illustration and depict a world in which the power of the urban environment is celebrated and explored.

“You have been told that there is no magic in your city. You have been told that your world is grey, cold, and sterile. You have heard that the time of miracles has passed, that the wondrous has been forgotten.

What do you believe?

This deck is a guide for the twenty-first century seeker, struggling to find insight and understanding in an urban environment. It is a set of ancient symbols, designed to help you see the miraculous in the modern and mundane.

Too often we are told that magic and wisdom belong only to the forgotten forests, the places untouched by human hands, and to ages long lost to memory. I reject this idea. I look around my world,  and I see the beauty, the wonder, the magic in the metropolis, the power under the pavement.

I created the Urban Tarot upon the belief that ideas and truths referred to by the tarot are eternal and universal, but many of the images and symbols that have become connected to the cards no longer resonate with a modern reader as they once did. What once might have seemed familiar to the layperson centuries ago is now arcane and confusing. The Urban Tarot is an attempt to reclaim the power of that old magic and bring it within the reach of the 21st century seeker of truth.”

– Robin Scott

Read Cassandra Snow’s review of this deck here.


  • Complete 78-card tarot deck measuring 108 x 71 mm
  • Presented in a sturdy two-part box
  • Complete with custom-embroidered velvet pouch
  • Cards retain the traditional structure and name except for court cards which are Knight, Queen, Prince, Princess (in this order)

Also available: The Urban Tarot Guidebook.

Limited first edition (once these are gone, that’s it!) Self-published by the artist.

Content note: The Tower card in this deck displays a picture of the World Trade Centre at the moment of the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001.


  1. acebaker (verified owner)

    I bought this deck after reading the review on this site and wasn’t disappointed. I’m from the NYC area originally and since all the art pertains to that area it feels like home.

    A small quibble with the review though, it says that there’s no trans representation and that’s not quite true. The artist is a trans woman and she used herself as a model for a few cards, most notably The Fool and her and her wife in The Lovers. There’s no obvious indication of this on the cards though, and you would have had to read the artistic notes in the book and also the author bio to know this. I’m not trans myself so I don’t know if that’s enough, but you should know that it’s there.

    • Beth

      Thanks for this comment – I agree, it should be noted as it’s important to so many people to understand there’s a strong and genuine trans element to this deck. I’ll talk to the reviewer about amending the review.

      So glad you’re enjoying the deck meanwhile!

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