The Sacred Tree


By Glennie Kindred

A small guidebook to the magical energy of 13 trees, including recipes, crafts and wheel of the year/lunar correspondences.

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An inspiring book for all those who love trees. The Sacred Tree encourages our deeper involvement with trees both on the physical level and offers ways we can open our spiritual connection to trees and nature.

The book focuses on 13 native trees of the British Isles (most are also commonly found across northern Europe and the US) and their corresponding 13 moons and place on the wheel of the year’s cycle. This is based on Glennie Kindred’s deep understanding of their inherent energy and unique healing properties. This creates a tree circle, which can be planted and used as a sacred grove or celebration circle.

These are the native trees of the British Isles that our ancestors would have worked with, and the book explores some of the myths and folklore surrounding these trees, as well as past and present uses of the wood and the herbal and culinary uses of their leaves, sap, fruit and bark.

Also there are suggested ways to communicate with tree spirits and the spiritual and healing qualities that each tree has to teach us.

Illustrated with line drawings of the leaves, flowers and fruit of each of the trees and also includes how to grow and plant trees.

Self-published paperback, 58 pages.


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