Nomad Tarot


A modern, nature-based tarot following the four elements, created by Jennifer Dranttel.

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The Nomad Tarot, illustrated by Jennifer Dranttel, is a simple and modern interpretation of the tarot, and one of our most popular decks.

The full deck of 78 cards includes unique graphic navy-and-white illustrations, printed on high-quality linen card, making them a pleasure to shuffle and hold. The deck follows the traditional system of tarot, with the four suits of the minor arcana are interpreted elementally in this deck as Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.


  • 78 tarot cards printed on high quality linen cardstock.
  • Presented in a simple custom tuck-box.
  • Please note, the cotton drawstring bag shown in the first images is not included with this edition.

Recommended: Also available is The Nomad Guide to the Tarot – an accessible, helpful 66-page guidebook specifically written for this deck, with insights from tarot veteran Sara Galactica (not included).

We also have a limited number of first edition guidebooks at a discounted price!


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