The Nomad Guide to the Tarot (first edition)

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A guidebook to Jenniffer Dranttel’s Nomad Tarot deck (suitable for use with any tarot deck).

Limited first edition.

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Limited first edition.

Designed as a companion to the Nomad Tarot deck illustrated by Jennifer Dranttel, this pocket guide can provide new insight into the Tarot for novices as well as seasoned readers. Clear and insightful descriptions of the Major and Minor Arcana cards, as well as their reverses, are intended to be a starting point for understanding their meanings within divinatory readings.

This is a great read for a modern take on the ancient traditions of the Tarot.

Perfect-bound 6″x9″ paperback, 66 pages, published by NØMAD 2014.
Please note the tarot deck shown in some images is not included.


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