Starchild Tarot & Guidebook

This item is no longer available from Little Red Tarot. It can be purchased directly from the creator’s website.

We still have a few of the larger sized Starchild Tarot decks available here.

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The Starchild Tarot is an ethereal deck and guidebook created by Danielle Noel. This multi-dimensional tarot deck plays with themes of magic and dreamscapes, illumination and light, blending photography, hand-illustration and digital design to create a gorgeous collaged wonderland with a cosmic, geometric aesthetic.

Also included is the Starchild Tarot Guidebook, a comprehensive guide for readers of all levels. The guidebook includes information on all 79 cards, with and additional esoteric keys for The Major Arcana and guidance for reading reversed cards. There are also 5+ tarot spreads for you to try, and information on cutting & shuffling the cards, and practical guidance on how to use the cards throughout your day-to-day life.

These durable, high-quality cards are finished with a lovely matte laminate and antique gold edging, making them a pleasure to shuffle and read.

“Traveling to distant vistas and worlds of the imagination, The Starchild Tarot is a tribute to all of my most treasured interests when it comes to magic, energy medicine and the mysteries of the Cosmos. It is traditional in the sense that it was built from the skeleton of the major archetypes and meanings of the Tarot – but beyond this, it wears a new exterior.

This deck is both uplifting and intuitive for readers, while also being fun and adventurous; as a way of disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – to explore those quiet places we go to when we meditate or dream.

– Danielle Noel


  • 79 cards measuring 70 x 120 mm (4.75″ x 2.75″), printed on 400gsm card with a matte finish and lovely ‘antique’ gold edges. These include the traditional 78 cards of the tarot plus one additional card unique to the Starchild Tarot.
  • Presented in a sturdy, colourful, custom-made two-piece box
  • The Starchild Tarot Guidebook (169 pages).

Note: This is the smaller sized deck with no borders on the cards, and the book presented separately.


  1. Margaret L

    Little Red Tarot is lovely. This purchase was part of a, buy a deck and get the online class for free. The packaging, free tarot card with personal note, was just the sweetest thing ever!
    This deck is quite nice too!

  2. Caroline

    Such a magical deck. The artwork is so other worldly. My first ever indie deck and it is a cracker! I like to use this deck when I feel a bit overwhelmed with whatever life is throwing at me or if I am feeling a bit disconnected from my higher self. The readings are just beautiful and incredibly calming, whilst putting things into perspective. I absolutely adore this deck it is very special to me.

  3. Katie (verified owner)

    I’m so happy to finally own this deck. It’s absolutely beautiful and takes you into another world. Would be great used in pathworking and meditation.
    I also must say the service from Little Red Tarot is superb thank you very much!

  4. Kelly Boyland (verified owner)

    These are visually stunning, thought provoking cards. Beyond the images are links to astrology and symbols that allow you to develop your own intuition and interpretation of the cards. The accompanying booklet it exquisite with explanations and recommendations, like how to keep a tarot journal. Really useful to build on your own knowledge and confidence.

    Before, I had the traditional cards and couldn’t connect with them at all. The Starchild cards however, have a more modern and relatable context to them. For example they do not fit the rigid, gendered stereotypes that the traditional packs represent when the woman was the nurturer and the male the provider, they are instead open to our own interpretation.

    Delighted with my cards and new found love of tarot, can highly recommend.

    Would also like to express how impressed I am with Little Red Tarot. Not only is it a pleasure to support an independent business but the professionalism and great communication from Beth was phenomenonal. Will definitely being purchasing from here in future.

  5. Jojo

    This arrived so fast and it was well packaged! The deck is on good quality card and has beautiful colours and images. The book is good too. I was only disappointed by the total absence of older women or menbin this deck. It just seemed really sad, that the deck only seemed to see young people as worth including.

  6. Rachel (verified owner)

    Wonderful deck! I received these about two weeks ago and they have given me insightful readings and are a joy to work with. Full recommend buying these and using littleredtarot. They came very quick and will order the moonchild deck soon too!

  7. Nik (verified owner)

    I was told that this deck was expected next month but surprisingly I had it delivered today! I can honestly say that this deck is BREATHTAKING. It is so deep and powerful and gives such powerful readings, I am in awe. The imagery is beautiful. The only bad thing I have to say about this deck is; I don’t like the Hierophant card and it does give me headaches because of the energy it brings out lol. I definitely recommend it.

    And thank you to Beth for getting it out to me so quickly, and for how nicely you packaged it.

    • Beth

      So glad it arrived quickly Nik (our stock arrived much sooner than we expected – we were so happy to get them out to waiting hands!)

      Thank you for sharing your lovely review :)

  8. Handbagjen (verified owner)

    I’ve waited a while for this deck to be back in stock, and it was worth it! The deck is very calming and great for personal readings; I’ve already had some inspirational spreads. A contemporary, gentle version of tarot with stunning artwork.

  9. Em

    I have this deck and I think it is absolutely beautiful, well worth the money. Ethereal, thoughtful crafted and a pleasure to read with.

  10. Stephanie Denyer

    Do not waste your money, they are stupid. repetitive images which have no correlation to anything. Pretty pastel colors, dotted with light bubbles and women meditating. So dumb.
    These cards are pitifully trite.

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