The Spacious Tarot (First Edition)


An immersive 78 card tarot deck and guidebook, created by Annie Ruygt and Carrie Mallon.

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NOTE: This unique and limited first edition deck contains a spelling error on the Three of Pentacles – please see below.

A corrected second edition will be published in summer and is available for pre-order here.

The Spacious Tarot is an immersive 78-card tarot deck and guidebook, created by Annie Ruygt and Carrie Mallon.

The Spacious Tarot is a tarot deck, but to simply call it a tarot deck does not fully describe the magic you’ll find here. This deck invites you into an energetic realm, beckoning you to enter and explore. Immerse yourself in the scenes. Sink into the colors and textures. It doesn’t matter if you are new to tarot or a seasoned reader – these cards will evoke your intuition!

The deck features earthy, nature based illustrations, as well as more mystical and cosmic elements. Immerse yourself in the colors and textures, and embrace the wisdom available to you here. The deck comes with an accompanying guidebook tucked right into the box. You will surely form your own connection to these cards, but the guidebook will offer nudges to help you bond with this unique deck.

There are no humans in our deck, but there are a few hints of humans (such as the skeleton hands in Death and the lantern in The Hermit). A few animal companions are present, most notably in the court cards. The courts have also been re-named to focus less on gender and hierarchy, and more on levels of experience. The Child is equivalent to what most decks call Page, Explorer for Knight, Guardian for Queen and Elder for King.


  • 78-card tarot deck, each card measuring 70 x 112mm, printed on 350 GSM, 100% post-consumer recycled card stock
  • 137-page guidebook
  • Book and deck presented together in a sturdy one-piece box with flip cover lid

A message from the creators about this first edition:

Please note there is one spelling error on the Three of Pentacles (see photo).

There wasn’t much we could do but laugh when we discovered this. Both of us looked at the proofs approximately 13083250913 times and somehow missed this!

There are examples throughout various cultures of artists who purposefully put flaws into their work. Although this flaw was not intentional, we like to think we are in good company. This shows the deck was made by real humans, right?! We hope you understand that small mistakes are just part of supporting an independently created product, and we hope you will love the deck as is!

When we do a second print run (later in 2020) we will update the card. But until then, receiving this special Three of ‘Penatcles’ is just another way of knowing you have one of the very first copies of The Spacious Tarot!


  1. Caroline

    A very unique deck. You really feel that you are experiencing whatever is going on in the cards. Like you have almost stepped into the card, really draws you in. Beautiful deck, very easy to read intuitively although the book that accompanies the deck is very informative. Really enjoying working with this deck.

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