Shrine of the Black Medusa Tarot


A collaged celebration of Blackness, by Casey Rocheteau.

Second edition: This version has a new ‘Moon’ card and comes in a plain box with stickers!


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A colourful, collage-art deck celebrating Black history and culture, by Casey Rocheteau.

“This tarot deck is a celebration of blackness. The name ‘Shrine of the Black Medusa’ is a play on the idea that some ancient Greek sources identified the Cape Verdean Islands as the home of the Gorgons. Hair like snakes? Eyes that can turn enemies to stone? We’re at a point in history when black death in America has created narratives time and again vilifying and making monsters out of unarmed innocent black children. This deck is a call to complicate the trope of the magical negro and embrace our own fearsome and powerful magic.

From it’s inception, tarot has used Eurocentric images to help us predict and understand the world around us. This deck pulls from the Thoth tarot and 20th century black history to create something magical. There is an 8 page booklet included with the deck. It is perfect for beginners and pros alike.”

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SPECIAL EDITION! These decks come in an unprinted white box (unlike the printed box shown in the photos) and include Shrine of the Black Medusa stickers for you to decorate your own box! This second printing also has a new ‘Moon’ Card that is different to the previous edition.


  • 78-card tarot deck, full colour.
  • Small 8-page booklet with brief guide to card meanings.
  • Presented in a plain white tuck-box with stickers for you to decorate! Please note that this is different to the box shown in the pictures.

About the creator:

Casey Rocheteau was born on Cape Cod, and raised as a sea witch. They are an author, visual/sound artist and historian living in Detroit, Michigan. Their work explores the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, trauma, body image and mental health. Rocheteau often works with primary documentation and collage in what they call a hauntological practice. This fixation upon specters of the past haunting the present and the living impact upon the future informs their work across genres. Winner of inaugural Write A House permanent residency in 2014, Rocheteau won a house with poems and is committed to a community and teaching based arts practice in Detroit.


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