Persephone Tarot


A tarot deck exploring ancient Greek and Roman Mythology through the perspective of the goddess Persephone.

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The Persephone tarot explores ancient Greek and Roman Mythology, through the perspective of the goddess Persephone. This 78-card deck comes complete with a guide booklet introducing the cards’ mythological associations, and is presented with a hand-printed cotton bag.

By Marisa de la Peña, creator of the Circo Tarot.


  • 78-card full-bleed (no borders) tarot deck printed on 300gsm card, presented in a simple custom tuck box
  • Brief guide booklet
  • Presented in a simple cotton hand-printed bag

NOTE: Some of these decks contain a mis-spelled Zeus card! Don’t worry: these decks are supplied with a replacement card tucked inside the booklet.


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