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Pathfinder Oracle Deck

We are currently unsure when we will have this deck back in stock. You can find it in the creator’s shop, Skullgarden.

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The Pathfinder Oracle is innovative, diamond-shaped 48 card oracle deck by AL Swartz, creator of the Wooden Tarot and Earthbound Oracle decks. This beautiful new offering is inspired by the flora, fauna and landscape of the Southwest USA.

Handpainted on squares of maple wood, these diamond-shaped cards offer an interpretation for each of the four corners. A detailed yet accessible guidebook offers insight into each cards’ meanings, along with guidance for using and reading the deck.

More information from the creator, AL Swartz:

The Pathfinder Oracle Deck is an entirely new and innovative way to do card readings, and the aim is to help guide the reader to think outside of the box and step away from rigid black and white thinking. Rather than focus on endless layers of crowded symbolism that requires months of memorization and research, I chose to distill the subjects into their most basic and powerful forms to help you help yourself. This deck is for bold individuals and dirt wizards who like to get straight to the point and who aren’t afraid of getting their claws dirty or sand in their shoes. 

The idea for The Pathfinder Oracle Deck came to me while hiking in the desert, thinking about how some folks do tarot or card readings by also incorporating upside down cards as a reverse meaning…. and how it would be interesting to use all four sides of a square card as four separate, but related meanings of the card. Inspired by my own adventures, I decided to create The Pathfinder Oracle, a sort of compass and guide utilizing the four corners of a card as four different meanings. This has been quite challenging to create, and will likely be even more challenging to learn, but that’s all of the fun of a new adventure! 

This deck is also inspired in part by the Roman deity Janus, the god of beginnings and endings, doorways and gates, and transitions and duality, hence the double faces of the animals and symmetrical theme of the deck.


  • 48 card Oracle deck, with 3.5×3.5″ square playing cards, 320gsm black core linen playing card stock.
  • Custom rigid two-piece box featuring Desert card.
  • Open Edition
  • Guidebook Included


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