Moonchild Tarot & Guidebook

This item is no longer available from Little Red Tarot. It can be purchased directly from the creator’s website.

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  1. Caroline

    I received this deck as a gift and it was a truly magical gift! The first reading I did with this deck made me cry. It touched me completely. I can’t express in words how deep this deck is, it really touches you, knows who you are and tries to bring out your best self, which sometimes you can’t see. If you are feeling a bit battered by life, your self esteem is at a low ebb this is a deck that is shines a light into the darkness and shows you your beautiful potential. The artwork is stunning, the guidebook is packed full information including the card meanings, which are filled with love and strength. This deck came into my life when I really needed it and I am so grateful to have this deck.

  2. Corinne (verified owner)

    I’ve been working with the Moonchild Tarot for over a year and these cards are undoubtedly very beautiful. However, once the initial excitement had worn off I realized this deck is not the easiest or most intuitive to read.

    The cardstock is almost too high-quality. The cards are very big, rigid and heavy to the point that shuffling them is uncomfortable. I like the otherworldly collage-style artwork. The people depicted on the cards are diverse in skin colour, body-type and age which I appreciate.

    A downside for me is how repetitive the images are. Most cards show people standing or sitting in front of galactic portals holding something or meditating. As pretty as these cards are, I find they lack distinctive mood and storytelling.

  3. Daisy (verified owner)

    Beautiful deck with an incredibly detailed guide. As a first time tarot buy I am very happy with all the information.

    Little Red Tarot packaged it extremely well, with all precautions to make sure they got here safely and with no damage. Fast delivery and lovely service. Would definitely recommend buying from here, thank you!

  4. Tina Coote

    Hi there,
    I received my moonchild tarot in the last few weeks and it’s so beautiful and a pleasure to read with as I knew it would be. Also, you can’t go wrong purchasing this deck from little red tarot! An amazing shop, fantastic to deal with and amazing customer service, love it ??

  5. Carly (verified owner)

    I received my Moonchild deck today. The cards are absolutely stunning. Already my favourite deck in my collection! Also the service received from Little Red Tarot was second to none. Very well packaged and great communication throughout. I’ll be coming back for my next deck. Thank you!

    • Beth

      Thank you Carly! <3

  6. Salvador

    Hi, I like the illustrations of the moonchild deck but I would like to know if the symbols follow the Rider-Waite arcana, or the Starchild deck. Thanks.

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