Moon Phase Potions


Lovingly witchcrafted potions by Dori Midnight and Sarah Gottesdiener, to support your lunar rituals and intentions.

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A long-awaited collaboration between Dori Midnight and Many Moons’ Sarah Gottesdiener, these three moon phase potions – for full, dark and new moon times – offer a wonderful way to bring gentle and supportive magic into your lunar rituals.

Each moon potion has been lovingly crafted with stone, flower, and environmental essences to support your intentions and spells during these lunar cycles. They are exquisite!

Dark Moon: Trust in what cannot be seen. Release & renewal. Weed & compost. Turn the page. Transmute rage. Lean into forgiveness. Mystery Sings. Your Magic guides you. The underworld is a fruitful space.

New Moon: Ready & willing. Sowing seeds to be planted inside of a heart’s desire. Opening to what is possible. Kaleidoscope glints of hope on the other side of a clearing. Cultivate sweet beginnings.

Full Moon: Abundance. Shining gratitude. Harvesting gifts. Culminations, revelations, celebrations, psychic messages. The veil lifts, step into the light. The answers come, say thank you.

How to use: Take 3-10 drops as needed. Sprinkle on your pillow, crystals, candles, or desired body parts, either during the phase of the Moon or when you want to cultivate & invoke more of these qualities. Dispense lovingly to friends during shared lunar rituals. Or allow your intuition to guide you in using these potions.

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