Mirrors of the Heart: A deck of favourable cards


A simple, encouraging hand-printed oracle deck created by Lily S May.

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Sadly, we no longer stock this deck – but good news! It is available in Lily’s Etsy shop, Arts of May.

These simple, beautiful handmade cards bring encouraging, thoughtful messages. Each card shows an original lino-cut by Lily S May, with a single word. Pull one each morning for a ‘thought for the day, use them to wrap up a tarot reading, or turn to them for encouragement and guidance when you need them. (You could also frame your favourites, or send as postcards or gifts to special friends!)

“I created Mirrors of the Heart Card deck in 1994 from 44 different linocuts that I carved, hand printed and then had reproduced through offset printing. I wanted the cards to bring encouragement to people and so I came up with the theme of favourable images. I’ve deliberately left the creative part to you without imposing my own meanings on the cards.

You can use the cards as an oracle, as affirmations everyday or on holidays, birthdays or all manner of anniversaries. You can also create your own readings with Mirrors of the Heart, use the cards for teaching, workshops and creative explorations.”

  • 43 cards, 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
  • Each deck individually wrapped in fabric
  • Unlaminated, hand-printed, black ink on cream card


  1. Stevie

    It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thsnka!

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