Materia Prima: An Expression of Matter Deck

An artistic tarot based on the periodic table that joins science and mysticism.

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Materia Prima: An Expression of Matter  And so it is, all things in life are collective. Nature is inescapably cooperative. We share with the stars, the clouds, the bees and each other the same elements that created the complex world we live in. This cooperative endeavor is what forms life and is the bewitching mystery of the periodic table – the Materia Prima of our unified existence.

This powerful message of unification that circles throughout the Table of Elements is what inspired us to create ‘Materia Prima: An Expression of Matter.’  This deck is an expression of the periodic table concentrated in 84 cards.  Each chosen element is given its part in the cosmic drama of Life, conjuring matter in the soulful, playful language of the imagination.  

When creating this deck we thought of the periodic table as a fantastic play with all the elements cast as characters who would bring their particular wisdom and connectivity to life.  We wanted to be playful with the content, yet still try to capture the scientific truths about each one in hope that this deck could be used as a meditation tool that helps us to integrate matter in all its diversity with our day to day lives – to look at matter as a force of love that unites us all.

Materia Prima: An Expression of Matter is a deck based on the Periodic Table with artwork that has been hand-inked, then burned to plate to be letterpress printed and finally, finished with hand screened color.

This is a very ambitious production process but we love the unique quality each one of these traditional techniques lends to the final artwork. It is the human hand in each of these art forms that responds to the human journey we are on. A journey filled with imperfections and emotional lines that arise organically to form something unique, creative and spiritual in the world.


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