Materia Prima: A Reflection on Matter


A gorgeous companion book to accompany Uusi’s Materia Prima deck.

First edition.

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This companion book for Uusi’s latest creation, Materia Prima, is as beautiful and high-quality as the deck itself. With colour plates of each card printed on premium recycled paper and soft gold detailing throughout, both book and deck are a joy to use.

What if we thought of the elements – all the matter of this world – as one of us? Cavorting hybrids – part human and part granular, atomic expression – that captures our mind and body as well as our heart. What if we looked at all matter using our souls. Could we still speak with straight forward authority about it? Would science listen? We think it would not only listen but tell us frankly, it is time.”

Excerpt from the book.

  • dimensions: 6″x6″
  • 203 pages
  • color plates of each card
  • cover printed on an elegant metallic, heavy paper stock
  • premium, recycled paper stock for interior pages
  • paperback, square spine with perfect binding
  • made in the USA


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