Light Visions Tarot


A timeless and original tarot deck from illustrator James R Eads, this deck is the precursor to the best-selling Prisma Visions Tarot.

RETURNING SOON. The second edition of the Light Visions Tarot is now sold out, and we are waiting on the next edition. We expect this to be published early spring 2020. To be the first to hear when pre-orders open, hop on the #Decklust mailing list!

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The Light Visions Tarot is a highly imaginative work of art that follows classic tarot symbolism with a fresh modern approach. It’s a timeless deck that takes cues from impressionistic surreal styles of the past, enchanting imagery of the present and clairvoyant visions of the future. Softer in feel than the Prisma Visions, the Light Visions Tarot has an old-fashioned atmosphere and muted tones, (though the illustrations themselves are very similar.)

One of the most special and unique features of this deck is the minor arcana. When placed in order, the 14 cards of each suit create a panoramic story, a single image spanning the entire suit. These very high-quality cards also have flashing gold edges.

This deck is a unique and whimsical play on the classic tarot deck and features hand-drawn highly detailed cards. Despite the small frame of the cards, each was executed on such a large scale that the cards have developed into individual works of art. The Light Visions Tarot deck combines both borderless and bordered cards into one cohesive and enchanting work of art.

This is a high-quality 79 card deck complete with a small yet detailed 100-page guidebook, presented in a sturdy flip-top box with gold detailing. It makes a wonderful partner for the Prisma Visions Tarot, and is a must for collectors!


  • 79 cards including the 78 standard tarot cards, plus a 79th card unique to this edition.
  • The cards are approximately 2.75″ x 4.75″ and all share identical backs. They are two toned deep purple and a light cream color. The cards are printed with the highest quality inks on durable cardstock and are finished with a UV varnish and edged with metallic gold
  • The booklet is also 2.75″ x 4.75″, about 100 pages with a short introduction. The bulk of the guide explores the imagery of each card and their associated meanings, beautifully written by Katherine Tombs.
  • The box is a one piece flip top clam shell box. It is constructed with 1/8″ thick cardboard and is printed with a matte finish. It has custom gold stamping on the face of the box.

Also available: The Prisma Visions Tarot – a colourful revisioning of the Light Visions, the Prisma Visions was Eads’ second creation.


  1. Zen Perry

    Absolute beauty! I have both this and the Prism Vision tarot and they are my favorites!

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