Life is Like a Board Game Tarot


A fun tarot deck inspired by the similarities of life and board games, created by Krystal Banner.

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Allow the nostalgia of game play to shine a new light on the journey that is tarot.

A Monopoly-inspired tarot deck reflecting modern life through familiar iconography. This 78 card tarot deck explores life’s ups, downs, and is inspired by the similarities of life and board games: You have to wait your turn, you owe taxes, get money, lose money and everything in between.

This deck is nostalgic, but straight forward and perfect as a collector’s item or just a unique addition to your deck collection.

Created by Krystal Banner of Kaleidadope.


  • 78 illustrated cards (including major and minor arcana), standard tarot size on matte cardstock
  • Presented in a simple printed card tuck-box
  • PDF Guidebook (QR code on box) or download HERE


  1. Clare Simpson (verified owner)

    This is a really interesting and fun deck to work with. It is very succinct In its answers so if you need a yes or no spread, pulling a couple of cards out of this deck will not only answer your question, it gives a strong indication of why your answer is what it is. Very to the point which I think is fabulous! I am not often motivated to write reviews, but this deck has given me so much fun as well as answering so many questions, I have to sing its praises. It is a great deck to experience and I thank the deck creator for compiling such unique cards and hitting the nail on the head with the card properties every single time. Highly recommended! ???

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