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A unique oracle deck of life design prompts, drawing on Permaculture principles.

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The Life Design Cards are a personal development companion: whether as an oracle or a numerically structured tool. They tap into your intuitive wisdom and aim to provide support and guidance to make incremental improvements in your life.

There are 49 cards included with a mini guidebook. The guidebook, as well as a descriptor of each card, describe five uses for the cards in a more seasonal or numerically ordered way. They also work well as an oracle to use on their own or incorporated with other decks.

Created by artist Lisa McLoughlin.

“As an artist, I am fuelled by the understanding that:

Representational images of Nature are emotionally satisfying and help to improve health and well-being.

Natural materials, colours and shapes are visually enjoyable.

Nature is dynamic and continuously changing to reflect patterns of growth.

We are Nature.

Within our culture, there is an essential need to shift the balance of communication to a kinder form of expression.

Trust is what allows us to create what we desire.”

The Life Design Cards have a web-like focus: similar to a spiders web that spreads the load, catches things, makes connections, is strong, light and repairable. The more steps that are made, the more connections and resilience a web has. They also weave in the different energies of the seasons.


  • 49 full-colour cards measuring 89mm X 127mm, professionally printed on 395um smooth-faced card
  • Mini guidebook written by the artists, filled with suggestions for using and interpreting these cards. Guidebook printed on 110gsm silk paper
  • Presented in a custom designed tuck box

More info

Overview of the deck:

The twelve design steps (1-12) are inspired by permaculture design and are about observing where you are, awareness of where you want to end up and identifying the steps to get you there.

The twelve permaculture principles (13-24) act as a lens to view your subject, with the possibility of sparking fresh ideas or insights.

The third set of twelve cards (25-36) are an eclectic mix of ideas and activities that align with the seasons. They add another layer of meaning to weave within the design steps and permaculture principles.

The final set of cards (37-48) are inspired by the twelve astrological signs of psychological processes that are common to us all. They take into account our common humanity and the seasonal changes of our personality. They serve as a broader perspective to the other cards within the deck.  Please note that the astrological signs coordinate with the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. However the deck has flexibility to adapt in a way that suits you.

The last card (49) is a Nature note.

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a Nature-inspired, holistic, solutions-based design system anchored around co-operation and connections to help create abundance and harmony within human habitats. The initial 24 cards apply this methodology to personal sustainability.

This is a deck of cards that look at the bigger plan whilst also homing in on the details, with realistic actionable steps and attention to wellbeing.


  1. erik.muchova (verified owner)

    Very nice cards! I love Lisa´s artwork, it is so beautiful, colorful,unique…Thank you so much Beth, you are so honest and professional, all decks I have ordered are highest quality, great communication with shop,good package, fast shipping. Thanks!

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