Lavish Earth Crystal Affirmations Cards

A beautiful deck featuring 65 crystals for inspiration and guidance, or as a learning tool.


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A beautifully designed deck of 65 card, offering a way to understand crystals and how they can play a vital role in raising your natural energy levels.

Lavish Earth Crystal Affirmation Cards add inspiration to your daily meditation, journaling or relaxation practices. Plus each card offers uplifting advice and provides guidance for everyday life. Each card features an identifying picture, with information about the crystal’s affirmation properties, keywords to keep in mind, and a quote that embodies its energy and uplifting quality.

Use these cards as you would a reference book of crystal meanings, choose one to see which crystal you need for the day, display on your altar, or choose a card in response to a question or issue.

Conceived and created by polarity therapist Amy Woodson.


  • 65 full color Crystal Affirmation Cards measuring 2.75 X 4.75 inches
  • Chakra reference card
  • Instruction card
  • Full color two-part heavy duty keepsake box



  1. Cosmic.Creeper (verified owner)

    Since first seeing this deck I have been in love and on finally get a copy I’m not disappointed, in fact I’m as elated as I anticipated.

    It comes in a protective, gorgeous little box, the cards are glossy feeling but not that high gloss that reflects everything and cannot photo. The card stock is lovely for all types of shuffling, they are pretty slippery but honestly who is this a deal breaker for.

    There’s a mixture in the message discussing the crystals healing qualities the message its bringing and all topped off with a lovely quote reflective of the message.

    I’ve worked with this deck daily for energy pulls and daily focus, allowing me to work with crystals I don’t yet own. It works well with other oracle and tarot decks allowing for versatile readings. I have looked into so many crystal decks and this was by far the one that stole my heart, if the pictures and messages call to you, trust me it’s worth every penny!

    Big thanks to Beth for stocking this so I could finally own a copy and congrats to Amy on a stunning deck creation <3

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