Inge Löök Playing Cards (Red)


Joyful playing cards, celebrating friendship, laughter and elderhood.

Red edition.

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“Fantasy and curiosity are among the most sophisticated spices, which should be used daily, and throughout life regardless of one’s age.”

From much-beloved Finnish illustrator and gardener Inge Löök, a set of delightful playing cards featuring her inimitable ‘aunties’. I first came across Inge’s illustrations when a friend gifted me one of her postcards. I fell in love with the sheer joy and fun embodied in these images and was delighted to find that they are available as a playing card deck.

“Together with her neighbour, Inge Löök has had wine in the tree, they have sailed with a parasol and they have had a picnic under the table. Most of the adventures of the aunties that Inge Löök has drawn show what she in real life has experienced with her neighbour.

Inge Löök drew the first four images of the aunties in 2003. These illustrations were intended as Valentine’s Day cards, but unexpectedly, the season became quite long. “I couldn’t understand why the cards became so popular and I still have a hard time understanding why two toothless and not so attractive old aunties have become this cherished. With my illustrations, I prefer to explore the inner world of the aunties, as opposed to their outer shell. I prefer to stay with the aunties in the small moments, which they share so well”, Inge Löök explains.”

Inge’s illustrations are a celebration of friendship, elderhood, and seeking fun and pleasure in every moment. Centred on female friendships in all of their eccentricities, these cards make a wonderful gift for special friends, and a fun addition to women’s retreats.

Lovers of Inge’s work say: “These cards are not only pictures – what they reflect is a philosophy of life”, “I recognise so much of myself in these drawings”, “Absolutely sensational images!”

Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks are illustrated.

Available in red or green, with different illustrations – view both sets here.


  • 55 card set comprising 52 playing cards, plus three joker cards.
  • Presented in a tuckbox


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