The Holly Simple Tarot


A bold, cartoon-style tarot deck from Brooklyn-based artist Holly Simple.

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The Holly Simple Tarot is a 78-card deck of digitally coloured ink drawings from Brooklyn-based cartoonist and illustrator, Holly Simple.

This deck is comprised of Holly’s personal interpretations of the card’s meanings, creating new characters and stories. You will see influence from the trademark Rider Waite deck in some of the Major Arcana cards. However, the classic four suits: cups, wands, swords, and pentacles as well as the Major Arcana cards were recreated in a new light. The major arcana follow a horned character through the Fool’s journey, and the minor arcana feature a Unicorn/Centaur (Wands) family, a Siren-like family (Swords), a Merman family (Cups), and a Serpent/Human family (Pentacles).


  • 78 hand illustrated major and minor arcana tarot cards
  • 1 cheat sheet card
  • 1 artist trading card!
  • Cards are nestled in custom designed metallic-mirrored, classic poker style tuck box – box size is 2.5″ by 4.5″
  • Also available: The Holly Simple Tarot Guidebook.

Holly turned her original field notes and sketches from months of research into a zine-inspired tarot guidebook. These pages are a helpful guide to understanding the background of each card and a glimpse into Holly’s inspiration and thought process along the way.

About the artist

Holly Simple is a Brooklyn based artist, cartoonist, illustrator, gif guru, and emo sketchblogger.

Holly Simple Studio was born in 2014 with the creation of Holly’s first zine Roy G. Biv is DEAD. From there, her digital sketchblog was born (take a peek HERE). As more and more zines, gags, and gifs came to fruition, the vision for Holly Simple Tarot was ignited after her first reading – thus the journey of creating an emotional and spiritually personal deck began!


  1. Ellinor Annmo (verified owner)

    A sassy and beautiful tarot deck. It has helped me connect with more raw energies in me. It’s a colour pop not only in design but in how it guides you.

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