Gender Gems


Gender affirming pronoun pins. Display your pronoun with cute, colourful pride!

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Display your pronouns with pride! Whatever your true colors, this rainbow gem will show them off to everyone you meet. Discreet yet colourful, these gem pins can go on your bag, your jacket, heck, even your shoes! Perfect for everyday wear, they’ll help you feel good whenever you need to tell people who you are.

Choose one of three available pronouns: THEY, SHE, or HE. Your pin comes with two rubber clutches to hold it firmly and comfortably in place. You will also receive a randomly selected card back from 10 different original watercolors.

Created by Shawn in San Diego, California:

“I’m a trans nonbinary person who loves nature, minerals, tattoos, magic, and queer joy, all of which are central themes in my work. As a self-taught artist, my work and goals are ever-evolving, and I hope you will be part of the journey with me!”

A great companion for Between the Worlds Gender Magic Elixir!

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