Four elements jewellery – set of four pendants


Four pendants, handmade in Todmorden – one for each of the four elements of yourself.

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Pendants are also available individually here.

I designed these pendants because I needed something to help me balance my own elements. Needing more earth in my life, I reached for a pentacle necklace and felt that it grounded me. But when I needed fire – I had no symbol to wear. I realised that I needed a full set of all four, so that I could consciously invite the powers of each element into my life whenever needed.

Wear one as a necklace as a portable reminder to yourself, or use to decorate a window or altar. Each element corresponds to one of the four suits in the tarot.


…for when you’re starting something new or need some ‘get-up-and-go’.

This pendant corresponds to the suit of wands in tarot.


…for when it’s time to listen to your heart and keep in touch with your emotions. 

This pendant corresponds to the suit of cups in tarot.


…for when you need to ground things and focus on your home, work or health. 

This pendant corresponds to the suit of pentacles in tarot.


…when you need mental clarity or long-term vision. 

This pendant corresponds to the suit of swords in tarot.

These pendants can be bought as a complete set of four, or individually.