The ExtraOrdinary Oracle


An oracle that finds magic in (extra)ordinary things.

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Reclaim the magic in your everyday life with the ExtraOrdinary Oracle, a hand-illustrated deck filled with symbols that are beautifully familiar, yet suddenly meaningful.

“The spirit behind ExtraOrdindary Oracle is simple – that magick can be found absolutely everywhere. This deck is an exercise in self-trust – giving yourself permission to interpret messages as you feel their being received. Letting go of expectations for a divine message to fall out of the sky and into your lap. This deck is about connecting with yourself. It is the hushed voice from the universe that whispers to you every day – You are magick.”

The ExtraOrdinary Oracle Deck contains forty cards that arrive in a hand-stamped cotton keepsake bag. Each deck comes with a easy to follow, insightful, hand bound guidebook that connects you to the imagery and meaning of the cards.

Second edition. Printed in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.


  • 40 cards printed on quality card with a matte finish.
  • Small guidebook with suggested meanings for each card.
  • Hand-stamped cotton bag.


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