Empty Cup Oracle Deck


The Empty Cup Oracle is an original collection of 40 cards, personal symbols lovingly rendered in minimalist black ink, created by Stasia Burrington.

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The Empty Cup Oracle is an original collection of 40 cards, personal symbols lovingly rendered in minimalist black ink, created by Stasia Burrington.

“This deck is a practical survival toolkit to strengthen intuition and find guidance when things feel hard or murky, or when you just want (need?) a little kick in the ass. I intend these cards to function as a sort of compass, to help you listen to yourself and what you really need in the moment. The messages in these cards are things you already know, but if you’re anything like me, reminders are nice.

The symbolism and iconography are inspired by growing up as an Asian-American in the Pacific Northwest, playing in the woods and in the dirt, looking up at the stars, falling, getting hurt, getting up and falling again.”

– Creator Stasia Burrington

The cards measure 2.75”×4.75” (70mm×120mm) on 300gsm smooth matte art paper and are encased in a beautiful, sturdy lidded box featuring the card back design. The box features gold foil details, and the cards themselves have a matte gold edging.

Included is a 60-page guidebook, detailing card meanings and backstory for the deck.

CARDS: Ancestors, Blankets, Blindfold, Book, Broom, Concentric Circles, Courage, Crater, Cutting Board, Diving Helmet, The Empty Cup, Flask, Flying Fish, Forget-Me-Not, Hatchet, Knot, Lungs, Map, Matchbook, Mayflies, Microscope, The Moon, Moth, Mushrooms, Needle and Thread, Nest, Net, Pinky Promise, Pruning Shears, Rope, Shooting Star, Slingshot, Snake, Space, Spacesuit, Stinging Nettle, Tangle, Telephone, Telescope, Whistle.


  • 40 illustrated oracle cards measuring 2.75”×4.75” (70mm×120mm), of 300gsm card with matt gold edging.
  • 60-page mini-guidebook
  • Deck and book presented within lovely, sturdy two-piece box


  1. ammaradiaga (verified owner)

    Wonderful Oracle Deck, the simplicity of it triggers my intuition with each of the images. Absolutely wonderful energy, clear, direct and helps you reflect on the messages it gives you through the cards. I highly recommend this deck! Also I would like to thank Little Red Tarot for the great speedy service and delivery, my gratitude as well for the detail of the single oracle card you included in the package. Very thoughtful and spot on! Thank you!

  2. caroline.queen (verified owner)

    Just received this deck and all I can say is wow! If you like to get your journal out and self reflect on the card meaning in regards to your life, well this deck will certainly help you dig deep. Hugely thought provoking and it is like having advice from a trusted friend. Really blown away by this deck. I have quite a collection of Oracle decks and this deck has got to be the best deck I have ever come accross. Beautiful artwork and a great booklet too, so thought provoking. In combination with the Sasuraibito tarot by the same author I have been having some on point readings and they both read beautifully together. I am so glad to have this deck in my collection, especially during lockdown and during these troubling times. This deck is really going to help me get through it. Can’t recommend this deck enough!

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