The Dimlit Tarot


A beautiful, deceptively simple tarot with spot-gloss line drawings on matt black card, exploring themes of power, community, and transformation. Created by Niko _____.

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It began with a simple desire: a tarot deck so steeped in the aesthetic that it was nothing but spot gloss on black, with only small labels as a concession to utility. It evolved into a deeply personal deck about power, community, and transformation. Created by Niko ____.

Read more in this guest post from Niko on the Little Red Tarot blog!

The Dimlit Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck inspired by (but frequently diverging from) traditional Rider Waite Smith designs, with an accompanying digital guidebook. This deck provides a particularly queer perspective on tarot while serving a uniquely mysterious aesthetic.

Printed on 270gsm black cardstock and cut to the standard 2.75″ x 4.75″ tarot card size, the minimalist designs appear only with close study and the right perspective.

Many of the major arcana have been renamed, such as the Fool becoming the Void, the Hanged Man becoming Consideration, and the Sun becoming Voice. Additionally, the Aces, Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings have become the Fonts, Practices, Balances, Thoughts, and Actions.

Digging deeper, each suit (major arcana, Cups, Pentacles, Swords, Wands) has a shifted set of interpretations from a more traditional deck. For example, where many decks associate the Swords suit with emotionless reasoning, justice, and truth, the Dimlit Tarot brings a harsh lens to the numbered cards and reveals the deeper root of the Swords suit: the fear of, desire for, and danger inherent to power. Each suit and card is described in detail in the accompanying guidebook, bringing novices and experts alike to a unique perspective.