The Dark Goddess Tarot

A colourful and diverse tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, featuring dark goddesses, witches and hags from many cultures.

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Sold out. As far as we are aware, the creator has no plans to re-print this deck. We spoke to Ellen about her decision to discontinue this deck – do read!

The Dark Goddess Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck featuring a different goddess on every card, illustrated by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. These are divine, powerful, feared and revered women from many cultures and traditions. Witches and hags, wise women, spirits and demons all bring their wisdom and magic to this colourful deck. The cards can be used as a regular tarot (the Dark Goddess Tarot follows the traditional system), or for exploring these many varied archetypes. Perfect for altars, shadow work, ritual and invocation as well as your usual tarot practice.

“Dark goddesses may be beautiful or horrible, loving or wicked. What they share are powers that are disturbing, or considered disturbing in female hands. These are the powers of suffering and shadow, of sex and sovereignty, of magic and mystery, of death, violence, and transformation. Dark Goddess Tarot invokes these goddesses, that their experience may provide strength and guidance in dark or difficult times.”
– Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

  • Suits are renamed Earth (Pentacles), Air (Swords), Fire (Wands) and Water (Cups).
  • Court cards are renamed Amazon, Siren, Witch and Hag.
  • Several major arcana cards have also been renamed: IV Sovereignty, XIV-Alchemy, XV-Corruption, XVI-Destruction, XX-Liberation.


  • 78 cards, 3″ x 5 1/2″ (7.6 x 14 cm) with rounded corners, grey borders.
  • Full colour, hand-painted
  • Complete with a small paper guidebook: 26 pages containing a brief description of goddess orientation and poetic reflections (see photo)
  • Presented in a sturdy two-part box


  1. Carolina (verified owner)

    I purchased this deck because I’m very into the Goddess and the sacred feminine. I didn’t expect I would like it so much! I loved the cards, I felt instantly connected to them. I just wish I had known beforehand that the booklet was so basic, because I don’t know several of the goddesses shown in the deck and would have loved to really learn about them from the deck’s booklet.

    • Beth

      Thank you for the feedback Carolina! I have updated the product listing to include a clearer picture of the card booklet.

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